Men's Skull Jeans

Keep it street and mix it up with custom graphic skull prints. RSO has the largest collection of jeans with skull designs, featuring high-quality graphics, zippered coin pockets and designs that suit a variety of fashion aesthetics. Rockstar Original's limited-edition designs are often imitated, but never duplicated. Spend more than $125, and your shipping is free in the U.S.

Skull Pants

Skull Embroidered Jeans: Men's high-quality denim jeans featuring stitched-in designs with skulls, flames, RSO logos, and streetwear graphics in classic distressed blue denim, black, and a variety of colors. 

Skull Printed Jeans: In addition to embroidered skulls, RSO offers painted-on/printed skull jeans also in a variety of colors and styles, including relaxed fit, flare and skinny straight legs.

Skull Skinny Jeans: Make a statement in RSO's signature skinny jeans with skull graphics for men.