Stacked & Super Stacked Jeans Men’s

Stacked denim style has been around as long as jeans have been around, but they became exceptionally fashionable in the last decade, as hip-hop stars and Insta influencers began to rock the look more frequently. The "stacking" effect refers to jeans that are cut extra long so that they bunch up, forming rolls of fabric below the knee. To be a truly stacked jean, the fabric is fitted in the thighs. Super stacked jeans look especially dope on Men's flared bottoms jeans in black or blue. Shop Men’s stacked ripped jeans and stacked skinny jeans with RSO and when you spend $125, shipping is on us. 

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Stacked Denim Streetwear

Rockstar Original has several options for men to rock the stacked denim streetwear vibe, including these favorites ... 

Ripped Stacked Pants: RSO's signature soft denim in a variety of colorways and distressed accents in all the right places. Pair with RSO graphic tees or hoodies. 

Skinny Stacked Jeans: Stacked jeans take the best from the slim jean vibe and mix it with the best of the bell-bottom vibe to create that perfect streetwear look.

Stacked Black Denim Jeans: Many of RSO's designs are limited edition, and black denim is in demand. Rock the black stacked jean look with a pair of white kicks. 

Super Stacked Jeans (Mens): RSO's design team created these super-stacked jeans for men, made extra long so the folds in the material appear "super" stacked. We are loving this look!