Men’s Denim Biker Jeans

Biker jeans, also known as moto jeans, are the newest style trend for men. These classic biker pants pay homage to classic 60s and ’70s style with modern twists. It's all in the details: slim design, distressed denim, and textured stitching on or above the knee. What does biker jean mean, exactly? The denim jean style draws inspiration from the men and women who enjoy motorcycle and motocross sports – it takes a special type ofclothing that is comfortable, flexible and protective. They can't wear loose, baggy clothing, because it could get caught in the riding equipment. That's why you see biker jeans in slim-fit and skinny-fit. And, like so many streetwear fashions, the utility of biker pantshas transcended into high fashion: the biker jean! 

Rockstar Original’s custom collection of moto jeans is all original, limited-edition and never reprinted. Our biker pants feature a streetwear influence, offering a modern take on an iconic piece of clothing. Spend $125 or more today on biker jeans for men and get free shipping on all items.   

Designer Biker Jeans for Men

Biker Skinny Jeans: We've seen both terms used to describe this look — biker jeans and motocross skinny jeans — so we've added all that fit the bill right here on this catalog page. The biker skinny jean looks great with a pair of combat boots or Timberlands. On top of the comfortability element, this style is so versatile, it will go with a button-down long-sleeve shirt for work, and then a casual fitted tee for after-hours fun.  

Black Biker Jeans with Zippers: Rockstar’s classic black moto jeans feature stylish distressed denim and high-quality, zipper coin pockets. These biker distressed jeans offer the perfect blend of style and comfort, with a dash of practicality in the zippers.

White Biker Jeans: RSO's L.A.-based design team creates some of the hottest looks in biker denim in all the trending colors. The classic white jean for summer gets an updated look with motocross finishes including reinforced, ribbed thighs and distressed denim in all the right places.