Gray Jeans for Men

Grey jeans and gray jeans -- what's the difference? Gray is the U.S. spelling, and grey with an "e" is more common in European and other English-speaking countries. No matter where you live or how you spell it, gray denim is a great way to elevate your style. If you're looking for a change from the usual denim vibe, check out the grey denim pants from Rockstar Original. RSO is a leading brand in urban streetwear for men. Here we present our best men's jeans in many shades of grey. You'll find grey motocross, grey distressed denim, grey stacked denim, and grey biker jeans. When you spend $125, RSO picks up the tab for shipping. All of RSO's fashions are designed by our L.A.-based design team, and many of them are limited designs. That means, if you see something you like, do not hesitate to get it! 

Men's Gray Jeans

Looking for dark grey, light grey, washed grey or mixes of grey with other colors? We've got you covered. 

Men's Dark Grey Jeans: A classic look, the dark grey jean can dress up your 'fit. What do you wear with charcoal grey men's jeans? Red, royal blue and white elevate the look for whatever you're doing today. 

Men's Light Grey Jeans: For a more casual, faded look, try light gray jeans with a graphic tee and a fresh pair of kicks. 

Grey Distressed Jeans: Distressed denim is a signature style for the streetwear fashion aesthetic, and we've included grey distressed and ripped jeans for men in this collection. 

Grey Slim Fit Jeans: Looking for the classic grey skinny jean? RSO makes some of the most comfortable straight-leg, stretch skinny jeans on the planet.