Men’s Designer Jeans

Rockstar Original is a pioneer in urban designer jeans brands. RSO presents here, our finest collection of designer jeans for men, featuring our signature urban streetwear styles. This collection has all the things you love about men’s designer jeans: ripped denim, stacked hems, biker accents, and high-quality stretch denim. Our men’s designer skinny jeans, stacked and super stacked jeans, and ripped jeans are some of our most popular and in-demand items, so if you see something you like, don't hesitate. Many of our designs are limited editions, including the split-seam flare-leg jeans for men. Shop online for complete designer looks by heading over to the men's graphic tees and hoodies from RSO. Spend $125 and your shipping is on us, within the U.S.

Men’s Designer Denim Jeans

L.A.-based Rockstar Original is a leading brand in the urban streetwear scene. If you're looking for the latest designer jeans for men, you've found it. Here is just a sampling ...  

Black Designer Jeans: Black is back, and RSO has designer jeans in several cuts, including boot cut stacked, skinny biker, and super stacked flare bottom.  

Designer Ripped Jeans: Ripped denim with super-spidery tears is hot right now, and RSO has them for women and men. Here you'll find our finest men's ripped jeans, including distressed details with inside patches. 

Designer Men's Bootcut Jeans: A little wider than skinny jeans but not as wide as flare bottom, bootcut jeans for men are designed to fit comfortably over boots. With a looser fit, this designer look goes well with a designer hoodie, button-down shirt or long-sleeve graphic tee.