90s Style Grunge Jeans

Back in the '90s, grunge style was defined by loose-fitting jeans and rocker tees layered under ragged flannel shirts. It was a rebellious look, with torn jeans and tattered tees. Today, the grunge look is more polished and fashionable with graphic logos, fitted tees and quality denim like these grunge-style ragged jeans. From the L.A.-based designers at Rockstar Original comes this collection of 90s-inspired ragged jeans. These unique designs are limited editions, which means you shouldn't wait if you see something you like in the right size. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for alerts when new looks drop. Spend $125 with RSO, and we'll cover shipping within the U.S.   

Ragged (Slashed) Jeans

Fans of grunge, rocker, and hip-hop aesthetics will love these men's shredded denim jeans for men. RSO has slashed jeans accentuated with graphic designs like bandana patchwork, custom-colored paint splatters, and even a few embroidered graphics (when available).