Two Tone Jeans Men’s

Rockstar Original's LA-based design team has taken the block-color look from the 60s and 70s and updated it for a whole new drip for the 2020s. In this collection, RSO's LA design team presents our best two tone jeans for men in a variety of colors, including traditional denim with blocks of color, plus black and white, brown and tan. You might also find in this collection our two tone men’s jeans with ombre color effects finished with our signature RSO logos and graphic accents. As always, when you spend $125 with Rockstar Original, your shipping is free within the U.S. Want more? Scroll to the bottom of any page and sign up to receive email alerts when new arrivals drop.  

Two Tone Jeans

What are two-tone jeans? They're colorful takes on traditional streetwear. Take one half cargo pant and stitch it with a blue jean pant. The two tone look combines large swatches of complimentary colors and stitches them together to create a whole new, dripped out look. Many of the looks in our online catalog are limited editions, so if you see two tone jeans you like, get them before they're gone! Don't miss our coordinating hoodies and Men's graphic tees.