Green Stacked Jeans

Rockstar Original is known for innovating in urban streetwear apparel, and nowhere is this more evident than our stacked jeans for men. Here, we've filtered to include green jeans for men, which may include olive green (khaki), camo prints, dark green, lime green jeans, as well as jeans with green graphics. You never know what our LA designers will come up with next, which is why you should sign up to be in the know when new looks drop. This year, stacked jeans are trending and green is in demand. Check out green cargo jeans, dark green stacked jeans, and green flare jeans. Stacked jeans are cut extra long, so the excess fabric cascades down the leg, creating a dope look. Free and fast shipping on orders over $125 in the US.

Green Stacked Pants

We're all about completing your look, so if you need ideas for what to wear with green, head over to our Men's shirts to find coordinating and matching hoodies, tees and more. Stacked denim is trending right now in urban apparel, for both men and women, and RSO has been leading the way with innovative designs.