Men's Faded Jeans

In this curated collection of Rockstar Original jeans, we've included options for people who are looking for Men's black faded denim and traditional blue faded denim jeans. Featuring the highest quality cotton blends, including stretch fabrics like Spandex, RSO's jeans are known for their comfort and fit. You will love the way they fit, and they are sure to become staples in your closet. Follow care instructions for hand washing or dry cleaning, to preserve the graphic designs and embellishments. Don't miss our coordinating hoodies and graphic tees, to complete your look, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $125 in the US. Many of these faded jean designs are limited editions, so if you see something you gotta have, and it is in your size, don't hesitate. Don't worry: RSO adds new items daily.  

Faded Denim

Faded Black Jeans: If you are looking for a slight departure from traditional blue jeans, check out these black jeans with faded fabric. The black color elevates your look and is perfect for a night out.

Faded Skinny Jeans: Our faded skinny jeans include the highly popular RSO motocross biker jeans, featuring reinforced fabrics at the knees. The faded denim is the perfect look for the rugged biker and motocross fashion aesthetics.  

Dark Faded Jeans: One of our favorite looks incorporates the dark denim with patches of faded colors across the thighs and seams. The contrast of the dark denim with the light faded denim creates a dramatic look that makes a statement.