Skinny Biker Jeans

The classic skinny biker jean gets a Rockstar Original makeover in this collection of biker jeans for men. Featuring our signature soft denim in a variety of colors, ranging from light wash denim to black and all the shades between, this collection of skinny fitted jeans for men will not disappoint you. Our designer jeans are one-of-a-kind designs, often imitated but never duplicated. What makes a skinny jean a biker jean? Note the reinforced fabric in the legs, along with distressed denim and high-quality zippers. Don't miss our biker jeans bundles and coordinating hoodies and denim jackets. Spend $125 and shipping is FREE. 

Men’s Biker Skinny Jeans

Here, we break down the RSO catalog of slim fit biker jeans based on features that are important to RSO fans.

Moto Skinny Jeans: Moto slim fit jeans for men feature reinforced patches of fabric in the thighs, and you'll also find some styles with stacked legs, meaning they're designed to be slightly longer than you'd usually wear, so the fabric can bunch at your ankles. It's a very hot look for the 2020s. 

Slim Fit Biker Jeans: Shop slim fit biker jeans in black, light wash blue denim, classic blue denim and a variety of colorways. These go well with our signature RSO urban streetwear hoodies, which you'll find in short- and long-sleeve styles. 

Ripped Skinny Biker Jeans: A customer favorite, RSO's Men’s skinny ripped biker jeans feature bandana patchwork, zipper knees and new arrivals every week. Ripped skinny biker jeans for men are the dopest trend in men's denim.