Men's Moto Jeans

What are moto jeans? They're denim jeans with designs that are inspired by motorcycle and motocross athletes. Styles you'll find here include reinforced ribbed material at the thighs, stacked legs at the hems, and distressed denim throughout. Note the ripped moto jeans reinforced with patchwork bandana and other materials - our customers' favorites! Also known as biker jeans, the moto jean style has emerged from the two-wheeler biking enthusiast into hip-hop and grunge fashion aesthetics for men (and women). Rockstar Original is the leading brand in urban streetwear, and the moto jean style fits perfectly with our vibe. All of our moto jeans are finished with high-quality button closures, zipper pockets and more. Spend $125, and shipping is on us in the U.S.

Skinny Moto Jeans

Here you'll find the most complete and diverse collection of moto jeans for men, including our signature 5-pocket biker jean. We've included several fits, including skinny jean, slim-fit jean, boot-cut men's jeans, and more.