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Urban Styles for Men: Hip Hop Outfits for Men

Urban Styles for Men: Hip Hop Outfits for Men

7 wardrobe essentials in every urban aesthetics wardrobe, plus 2 things to keep in mind for guys who want the urban look.

Urban style is associated with streetwear that is comfortable and stylish simultaneously. The urban style movement dates to the 1950s, when the nonconformity of youth was celebrated in the movie, “Rebel Without a Cause.” Generally, urban style is associated with laid-back fashion with influences from the local city scene, music and politics.

What Does Urban Style Mean? 

In today’s world, urban looks for men incorporate seemingly opposing trends from music and countercultures like hip-hop/rap, punk, grunge and rock while also mixing in an element of athleisure (casual sportswear). This casual clothing style can be seen across the United States by men of all ages. Ultimately, urban fashion knows no bounds. What does urban style mean? Urban fashion designers like to keep us guessing, with lots of bold colors and accessories, and unexpected blends of high-end luxury meets ghetto style for guys. 

7 Key Elements of Urban Styles 

The key to truly pulling the urban male style, begins with urban fashions and basic staples that you should have in your wardrobe. This fashion born from the street is best associated with people who don’t want to conform and won’t give up on comfort. Some key urban-style fashion pieces include graphic tees, matching or coordinated tracksuits, sweatpants, lots of denim, trucker and bucket hats and hoodies.  

Graphic Tees

Whether a logo of a band or a political movement, streetwear graphic tees are a key staple in any urban-style closet. Note the variety of aesthetics that Rockstar Original's designers borrow from: tie-dye hippie culture, grunge and indie rock, biker culture, and of course hip-hop and rap. 


Matching athleisure sets fit the mold of comfort and style for Men's hip hop outfits. Note the urban trends in today's activewear tracksuits for men: stacked fits, embroidered and rhinestone logos, graffiti-inspired graphics, and crisp, high-quality fabrics.  


Sweatpants are no longer about the I-don’t-give-AF, crumpled, baggy rebellious looks. Urban styles elevate the sweatpants look with fitted bottoms that flatter your physique. Yes, sweats can look put together and even luxurious with the right urban style outfit. 


We can't emphasize this urban wear staple enough: Denim defines urban wear. Key elements of urban denim include distressed and ripped jeans, skinny and stacked fits, plus a denim jacket. Denim is the absolute material of sophistication and comfort combined. 


Whether a sports cap with a local sports team, a brand, or even a bucket hat, hats are a popular accessory for urban style outfits for men. Three hat styles stand out among urban fashion: trucker caps, bucket hats and beanies


While denim is THE core fabric for men's urban fashion, and the sweatpant is THE core bottom for the urban wardrobe, the hoodie is THE core top, especially for winter weather. Hoodies are essential to the urban streetwear aesthetic, which is why they make up one of the largest collections on RSO's website. Note the variety of influences among our designers' hoodies: They borrow elements from rock and roll, bikers and motocross, rap and hip-hop, graffiti art, and even a little hippie tie-die style.   


Urban street wear brings both sports and fashion together. That’s why sneakers and other sportswear fashion pieces are so popular in this fashion aesthetic. Ultimately, fashion is about communicating who you are to the world ... in a great pair of kicks. 

A Few More Ideas For Men's Hip Hop Outfits

We've given you seven key elements to the urban guy's wardrobe, but we have a couple more things to consider as you build your look. One has to do with colors, and the other has to do with fits. 


Usually, urban styles tend to rock with more dark yet vibrant tones or neutrals. Note in particular the reds and blues that you see throughout RSO's catalog of urban men's clothing.

Additionally, as you build wardrobe staples, a monochromatic palette helps tie everything together easily. Neutrals make it easier to put together outfits from your closet when you’re learning how to dress like an urban male because you can incorporate stuff you already have with your newer neutrals. 

Fitted or Baggy?

We're not here to settle arguments about whether the baggy look is still in for men's streetwear fashions. You'll see throughout our site that our models have a variety of body types, and they rock looks that fit their physiques. We are seeing fewer urban aesthetics with oversized sweats in favor of more put-together looks that are comfortable but fit. 

That said, if you prefer the baggy look, consider mixing baggy with fitted. It’s not uncommon to pair a baggier hoodie with fitted joggers or denim – or vice versa! However, always choose things to feel comfortable and look best on your body type. You can learn about wearing hoodies and jeans for your body type in our previous blogs!

Shop For Urban Looks For Men

At Rockstar Original, we have a large collection of streetwear-inspired 'fits for urban males. Our urban styles fit the mold of anything that you may want to add to your closet. We have tracksuits, denim, graphic tees, and much more. When you want to take part in this streetwear trend and up your urban style game, check out our men’s fashion pieces for real street cred all day every day. Ya heard?