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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Athleisure

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Athleisure

Ever wondered what the Cozy Boy look is all about? Here’s your all-in-one cheat sheet to the dopest trend in the game and how to rock the look with ease.

Athleisure is one of the most popular looks in the world of streetwear fashion today. This is because of several reasons, but the most important being that athleisure, by definition, is quite literally a fusion of sportswear and streetwear. Another reason why this fashion trend has become such a lasting staple piece throughout the years is because this type of casualwear takes all of the best aspects of loungewear, techwear, sportswear, etc. and creates a coordinated aesthetic that is unmatched. But where did the idea of sporting casualwear outside of the home come from? 

In the early 2000s, brands such as Lululemon began prioritizing comfortability over conventionality for Womenswear, and eventually Menswear. The craze for stylish comfortability began to take flight when yoga pants and leggings came back into fashion and took off as one of the hottest trends to date. From there, the fashion industry began to produce public appropriate clothing that could be seen being worn at work, in offices and shopping places alike. As the Womenswear style rose in popularity, the streetwear world of Men's fashion jumped into the hype  creating what is known today as the Cozy Boy movement. 

Is athleisure still in style? It’s not a question of if it’s in style. Athletic leisure is here for the long-haul. The right question is, what is the latest trend in athleisure? 

The Cozy Boy movement made all aspects of life relaxing. The idea of the movement is to no longer idolize uncomfortable fashion trends to be impressive. Instead, matching sets, tracksuit sets and minimalist clothing came into style with some of the biggest names in the game like A$AP Rocky, Kanye, Tyler the Creator and more rocking the look. So how can you master this tried and true trend? First off, you can learn more about the minimalist style here to get a solid foundation to start. Second, execute the style with these 3 crucial elements.

Athleisure Jackets & Outerwear

Layers will enhance that all around comfy balance between substance, sensibility and support which is exactly the purpose of athleisure wear. Layers are also a great way to bring contrast into your outfits without too much effort. Because athleisure embodies a casual aesthetic, layers will be a sure way to enhance your athleisure outfits without overdoing it. Our Men’s Bryson Puffer Jacket is the perfect example of layering for dimension and contrast.

Athleisure Shoes

Shoes might be the most important element in athleisure wear. There really is no question why but let’s break it down anyways. Today’s streetwear is built around shoe game. This is especially so with casual, athleisure outfits. You might be looking very basic, very cozy and comfortable, but when you pair it with some of the dopest kicks in the game like Jordan 1 Retro’s, you instantly level up from basic to essential. 

Accessories for Athleisure

Accessories might seem insignificant, but this component is a very close second to the essential shoes you wear. This fine detail will also complement your athleisure outfit in a way that presents a very well-thought-out and exclusive cozy look rather than a basic and simple comfy look. Chains, wristwear, headwear and bags are the easiest accessories to finish off your coziest looks.

On one hand, the definition of athleisure sits between structure and style. Yet, on the other hand, it’s structured by the accent pieces that are thoughtfully paired. This means that what sets apart a lazy outfit from a well-put together athleisure outfit is the accessories. If you’re wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, it’s a chill vibe. But if you’re aiming to rock Cozy Boy vibes like the fashion giants, wristwear, chains and bags are a must. Athleisure is so functional that you can wear an athleisure outfit to work with Jordan's and then wear the same outfit to the gym with sneakers. So keep in mind these tips and your cozy looks will never be basic!