3 Signs Your Hoodie Doesn’t Work With Your Body Type

3 Signs Your Hoodie Doesn’t Work With Your Body Type

Rocking a dope hoodie is about finding the right fit for your frame. Here are signs your hoodie doesn’t work with your body type to be on the lookout for.

Not all hoodies work with your natural frame. And understanding why will change everything you know about rocking that new drip. So, before you spend your hard-earned dough on a ‘fit that doesn’t fit you right, read about these three body types, so you can choose the right hoodie.

Hoodies for 3 Body Types 

Fitness gurus and fashion stylists divide men’s body types into three basic categories:

  • Rectangular: tall and lean, long torso, long arms 
  • Round: average height, soft around the middle
  • Triangular: broad shoulders, narrow waist, muscular, athletic 

In reality, there is a spectrum of body types, but most men tend toward one of those three.    

1- Hoodies for Thin, Rectangular Body Shapes

If you’ve got a body type that’s tall and thin with long torso, long arms and shorter legs — you probably struggle with finding sleeves that go all the way to your wrists. You probably do well with clothing specially designed for big and tall men

Layered looks do well for this body type, as do sleeves that are stylishly pushed halfway up the forearm, especially if you’ve got ink. 

For guys who are self-conscious about their thinness, try a layered look with a hoodie under a jacket. This bulks up your frame, without looking sloppy. A black hoodie under a blazer or hoodie under a peacoat looks dope with this body type. Using layered looks creates the illusion of the inverted triangle body shape — broad shoulders and narrow waist.    

2- Hoodies for Short, Round Body Types

Getting a hoodie that fits is all about how the material sits on your body. With the right sizing, achieving full drip status is within your sights.

You tend to carry weight and muscle around your mid-section if you have this body type. You’re not necessarily overweight, but you are heavier and rounder, built like a linebacker. Someone with this body shape might be tempted to buy an oversize hoodie to hide a soft belly, but don’t. The baggy look makes this body type look sloppy.  

How to Wear A Hoodie Without Looking Sloppy

V-necks look better on this body type than do rounded necklines, so try a zip-up hoodie layered over a tee, unzipped to mid-chest. The unzipped hoodie creates an inverted triangle, broadens your shoulders and narrows your waist. 

If the fabric feels a bit loose and droopy, try going down a size. Do you usually buy XL and find you look baggy and … maybe a little sloppy? Again, try going down a size. Does your fit feel more like a tight second skin than a comfortable layer? Go up a size.

If you prefer to play down your midsection, opt for darker colors. Light and bright colors tend to bring features to the forefront, while dark colors send them backward. For graphic hoodies, look for patterns that tend to have vertical lines, which naturally slim you.

Choose what you feel most comfortable in — if you like your curves, then go full out.

3- Hoodies for Triangular Body Shapes

If you have the inverted triangular athletic build — broad shoulders, narrow waist and muscular body type — you’re a lucky man. Pretty much any style goes with your body type.

Try a classic jacket over a hoodie, which looks great on a date or for a guys’ night out. Zip-up and pullover hoodies both work with the layered look on this body type. 

Style a zip-up hoodie with a puffer jacket for a cool winter look. 

Layer a hoodie under a shirt with a pair of distressed jeans for the modern urban streetwear look. 

Finding the right hoodie for you is as much about finding a fire design as it is about the fit. So, if you’re in the market for drip that takes your fashion game up a notch, check out our men’s streetwear hoodie collection.

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