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Trendy Gift Ideas for the Fashionista in Your Life

Trendy Gift Ideas for the Fashionista in Your Life

It's her birthday, Valentine's Day, your anniversary and you're looking for the best gift to give your fashion-forward girl. We've got 4 gift ideas for fashion lovers.

Let’s be real.. Gift giving can be pretty tough! Of course there’s your basic flowers and chocolates, but that’s a pretty standard gift. If you’re trying to go above and beyond for the special lady in your life and want to add that little something extra in addition to your flowers and chocolates, try some of the hottest clothing styles! Here are our top 4 fashion-forward gift options for your girl!

Coats, Jackets & Outerwear for Her

Outerwear is a great gift option because layers are the easiest to mix and match with your current wardrobe and staple pieces. Your girl will be impressed with this gift for sure because outerwear styles are useful, fashionable and comfortable for all day wear. Our top 2 best RSO Women's Outerwear gift options that your girl will love for this year's special occasion is the Jackey Puffer Jacket because it comes in 4 different colors and the Lia Jacket because it’s a gorgeous dinner type of coat with 2 color options. Your fashion-lover will surely appreciate having all the options!

Activewear for Fitness & Lounging

Activewear is another great gift choice because it’s multi-functional. She will be able to wear this gift at home while she’s relaxing, to the gym, out for lunch, while she’s running errands and much more. This is another very thoughtful gift to give because you want something your girl will use on the daily unlike flowers and chocolates that last maybe one week at max. Our RSO Women’s Activewear sets come in a variety of colors and styles and even accent tummy tucking technology so your girl will be on trend and in her element all day every day. Our top 2 activewear sets we know your girl will love are the Sakura Short Set and the Verge Tummy Tuck Active Set.  

Dresses for Every Occasion

In addition to love and devotion, your girl will love to receive dresses! RSO Women’s Dresses range from hooded dresses to casual bodycon, two-piece dresses and elegant evening gowns. Whichever style you think best suits your girl, we’ve got the options for you to choose from. Maybe your girl loves to brunch or shop! We have the most exclusive dress options that will suit her lifestyle perfectly. Still can’t decide? Here are our top favorite options that cover every occasion if you really want to spoil your girl with it all. Check out our Peony Dress, Judan Skirt Set and Barbie Dress which are all available in 2 colors.

Tracksuit Sets for Her

It’s time to talk about track sets. They say money can’t buy happiness, but we really beg to differ with our RSO Women's two-piece track set styles. You will cover all your bases if you gift your girl track sets because they’re the perfect option for all day comfort. Activewear is amazing for so many reasons, but track set loungewear is a love language that every girl speaks. Our track sets are perfect loungewear options because they are stylish enough to wear indoors and out and offer a higher comfort level than Activewear sets typically do. Take a peek at our favorite track set options and add these to your gift list to really make your girl smile! Our Avery and Camila Track Set are perfect for all day wear while our Kappa Short Set is the comfiest ensemble for a cozy night in.

This Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary or any reason you have to treat your girl with gifts will be the best yet when you spoil her with choices she will love to wear. Speak to her in a way that shows true devotion, consideration and affection. Indulge her in a way that she will appreciate for months to come rather than just one week!

Let RSO kick the vibe off right for you and yours — enjoy this epic playlist on Valentine's Day and beyond!