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The Baddie Aesthetic: Outfits, Ideas, Looks for Her

The Baddie Aesthetic: Outfits, Ideas, Looks for Her

She’s the boss lady whose eyebrow and nail game are strong and her confidence is sky-high! She’s the main character and she radiates baddie aesthetic! But what is baddie aesthetic? Read on to learn all things baddie and how to rock this trend the right way!

By definition, the baddie aesthetic is specified as women who embody the latest beauty standards and fashion trends. It is primarily associated with Instagram and YouTube beauty gurus and iconic fashionistas like Jaclyn Hill, Desi Perkins, Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae and so many others. But the OG influencers came from the empire that was built by none other than the Kardashian sisters. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner specifically have built their own massive beauty and fashion empires by their own accord and have influenced conventional beauty standards to this day. 

So what exactly is the baddie aesthetic and how can you live up to the most exclusive and luxurious beauty standards set by these iconic influencers? Let’s break it down for all you Rockstar babe baddies!

Rocking the Baddie Aesthetic: Fashion First

There are many elements of baddie charm such as slayed make-up looks and hairstyles, but the foundation is the fashion! Anything that’s extra and over-the-top, making you the center of attention no matter where you go is what baddie aesthetic is all about it’s the only type of energy you should strive for with this trend. This doesn’t mean you can’t dress down either. In fact, many influencers rock baddie aesthetic clothing by wearing sweatpants with cropped tops or sports bras, tracksuit sets with dope shoes and oversized Men’s tees with high-knee boots. Still, there are many other options to bring the baddie aesthetic to life in form-fitting styles or more comfortable options. Check these top picks for baddie outfit inspo:

Jeans for Her That Hug Every Curve

Jeans are a great staple piece to wear when trying to radiate baddie energy. Your options with denim jeans really open up here with styles like flare jeans, distressed, skinny and custom designed styles for an added touch of individuality. Jeans will give you an overall put-together look if you want to be a little more dressed up with your vibe. Our top denim jean picks are our Haisley Patchwork Jean, Rubi Rose Trap Jean and Tayla Flare Jean. With styles like these, you are able to mix and match and layer your looks for the dopest baddie outfit ideas worthy of all the hype. 

Trendy Women’s Baddie Shirts  

Tops are like the cherry on top of the whole outfit. It’s the staple piece that will complete and complement half of your look. You can go so many ways with a staple piece top. It can be a baggy, oversized Men’s tee like our Mace Graphic T-Shirt, or a gorgeous strapless corset style top like our Marie Top. You can opt for graphic designs or textured zippy chain designs to bring the focus to the center of your ensemble or choose solid colors and make a statement with pattern high knee boots or multi color sneakers like Jordan 1’s paired with textured layers like our Tinley Fur Jacket. Whatever the occasion is, you have so many opportunities to make it your own while staying comfortable and fashion-forward with the right top.   

Cute Baddie Outfits, Activewear, Sets

If you want a cozy outfit without putting so much effort into mixing and matching, Activewear and Track sets are the way to go! These sets are the best options for our baddies who are all about multi-functionality and style. ‘Cause let’s be real… boss babes are always on the go and need options that are made to move with them! Our favorite options for all day wear are our Tess Legging Set and our Nicki Hoodie Set. These gorgeous, essential sets are perfect for the on-the-go baddie who is busy running errands, working out and making money moves!

Rompers & Jumpsuits to Jump Into

Last, but certainly not least, baddie clothes must include Rompers & Jumpsuits in the list of how to dress like a true baddie! Similar to minimal effort required, Rompers & Jumpsuits are  staple pieces in themselves without having to mix, match and pair. You can wear these gorgeous styles with high knee boots, sneakers, statement piece flats and even heels! Pairing these eye-catching styles will instantly be elevated with the right shoes which is, again, minimal effort on your part. Hello baddie aesthetic, goodbye struggle! Our favorite styles in the Rompers & Jumpsuits collection are the Leah Romper and our Cameron Jumpsuit


Now you have all the fashion secrets to the baddie aesthetic and how to wear it like the biggest beauty gurus in the industry! Add some gorgeous hairstyles and slayed make-up to the mix and you’re ready to grab all the attention and more!

For all you baddies ready to step into your power, this playlist is for you!