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Are Baggy Clothes In Style in 2022? All About the Baggy Clothes Aesthetic

Are Baggy Clothes In Style in 2022? All About the Baggy Clothes Aesthetic

How do you wear the baggy clothes aesthetic without looking like you're wearing your cousin's hand-me-downs? 8 tips for styling baggy clothes.

Versatile, stylish and low-key are all words to describe the baggy clothes trend. For people who are new to the baggy clothes aesthetic, you might wonder how to wear the look without looking like you're wearing your big brother's hand-me-downs.

We are seeing some very cool and exciting trends emerging from the baggy clothes aesthetic. The good news is that the baggy clothes trend of 2020 has gotten a little more polished and put-together, especially in the streetwear and urban aesthetics. 

How to Wear the Baggy Clothes Aesthetic

It's no surprise that flared jeans, loose shirts, and stacked denim are in style. Today's baggy clothes style is the perfect marriage of the oversized baggy clothes trend and the cuffed skinny jean trend of recent years. The modern baggy clothes aesthetic borrows the best from both: Fitted in the right places with a looser, "stacked" finish. We'll explain.

Above the waist, we see well-fitted shirts through the shoulders, with longer hemlines and looser fits in the sleeves. The extra material is almost gathered, creating a stacked look. 

But the pants are where it's at for this fashion trend! Look for form-fitting pants at the waist, through the hips and thighs, and flaring below the knee. One of our favorite emerging trends for 2022 is the stacked pant look, which is quite a change from the skinny cuffed jeans that have been so popular.   

The best part of the baggy clothes trend is oversized clothes pair well with your wardrobe staples, whether sneakers, ankle boots, crop tops, hoodies, and more. 

How to Style Baggy Outfits

We have a few basic tips for styling baggy clothes, the primary rule being to wear looks that flatter your silhouette and make you feel comfortable. Don’t wear the baggy aesthetic merely because it’s trendy. Fashion should accentuate your authentic style. Also, don’t try to achieve the look by simply wearing clothes that are too big. Oversized clothing is intentionally styled for comfort and to loosely frame your body, not weight it down by sloppy layers.

Make sure the clothing fits. Baggy or oversized doesn't equal "too big" or "one size up." In other words, oversized pants shouldn't be baggy at the waist or hips. A flared leg or wide-leg pant looks great when it fits right in the waist and hips. Likewise, skinny or fitted pants with stacked legs look dope, as long as they're the right size.

Wear one baggy, one fitted piece of clothing. Alternate baggy on top and fitted on the bottom, and vice versa. For instance, try an oversized tee or cardigan (also in style right now) with slim-fit joggers or jeans. Similarly, try a fitted tee or crop top with a pair of wide-leg or stacked denim pants.  

Accessorize. Wearing a belt over an oversized shirt or dress allows you to wear a statement belt and still show off your curves. The baggy aesthetic doesn’t mean sloppy. Take time to put your outfit together, but don't overdo it with accessories. Baggy clothes are already attention-getters, so keep your accessories to two or three at the max.

Keep structured clothes in mind. Stay away from relaxed-fit shapeless (boxy) pieces, as they tend to make you look larger and unflattering, which isn’t the point of the baggy clothing aesthetic. 

Keep it casual. The baggy clothes aesthetic is perfect for streetwear fashion, grunge and indie rocker styles, and urban/hip-hop fashion aesthetics. When you go to a formal event, like a wedding or cocktail party, skip the baggy clothes look.    

Special Advice About Baggy Shirts for Men

Guys, you want to wear baggy or oversized shirts without looking sloppy or like you're trying to hard to achieve an authentic street look.

Don't cover your hands. Shirts shouldn't be so long that the sleeves completely extend beyond your fingertips. 

Stay neutral. This means if you’re working with the baggy clothes aesthetic, go easy on color with oversized knitwear or coats. Neutral colors like navy, white, or gray work well. 

Choose oversized shirts. It's worth repeating: Never wear oversized tops and bottoms at the same time. For men, oversized shirts look better than oversized bottoms, but you can rock a baggy tee with stacked jeans, as long as the pants aren't too big. The top-heavy, bottom narrow look is better on a man's frame. 

Will The Baggy Clothes Aesthetic Flatter Your Shape?

The baggy clothes aesthetic is not for everyone. Ultimately, you should wear what you feel comfortable in, but if you're trying to slim down your silhouette, the baggy clothes aesthetic might not be your best option. Baggy clothing adds bulk, and the layers can make your silhouette appear even larger. 

No one should do baggy on top and bottom, but especially anyone who has an apple or pear shape. Wear baggy on top, fitted on bottom or fitted on top and baggy on the bottom.

For someone who is very thin and wants to try to add bulk through clothing, this is tricky. Oversized clothing on a very thin person can make them appear even thinner. Thin arms can look lost in loose sleeves. Consider, instead, a layered look with a fitted tee and a stacked sleeve hoodie or jacket paired with flare bottom jeans that are true to your size.

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