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The Minimalist Streetwear Aesthetic

The Minimalist Streetwear Aesthetic

Staying on trend with the minimalist look is a lot easier when you start with wardrobe essentials, then take it step by step. Here's your must-have guide to rocking out with the minimalist aesthetic. The ideas here apply to anyone, whether you're building a minimalist wardrobe for men or women.

When you hear the word, "minimalism" some connotations that may come to mind may be words such as: scarce, restrictive, limited, less, lacking or insufficient. You might think to be a minimalist and to truly embody minimalism means to give up a lot and keep only a little. However, the hype of minimalism comes from the idea that less is more. When you throw out a plethora of expectations, rules and other societal standards, what remains is freedom to simply be. So what does minimalism mean for streetwear? Let's break down all things minimalism and get you on trend.

First, let's unpack what we mean when we talk about minimalism and streetwear.

What Does Streetwear Minimalism Mean?

Streetwear minimalism means rocking the essentials. Minimalist clothes lack extras like rhinestones, custom splatter paint detail, embroidered patches and other eye-catching styles that streetwear is typically known for. Instead, opt for basic styles like jeans, tees, sweatpants, hoodies, sneakers and beanies and snapbacks. Minimalist fashion does not mean less clothing. In fact, layering basic pieces will bring more heat to your looks and overall elevate your fit game. Sweatpants and a hoodie layered with a jean jacket is a perfect example of a minimalist outfit look that will keep your fit game in check and on trend.

Now let's get into the deets on how to build a minimalist wardrobe. 

Color Check

Color is also one of the most important factors to keep in mind when dressing minimally.  Minimalist color palettes consist of muted and fine monotone colors ranging from black, grey, brown, beige and cream. However, this doesn't mean you can't play with other bold colors! Minimalist colors also consist of olive greens, soft yellows and rustic orange colors. Other colors may also be used but the main idea to keep it minimalistic is to choose soft and lighter hues of your favorite colors. If your favorite color is red, opt for fine wine colors like burgundy. If your favorite color is blue, try soft sky blue or a smokey blue/grey. Whatever color you choose, the idea is to remain subtle in your choice.

Mind the Material in Your Minimalist Wardrobe

You can also heat up your fits by choosing uniquely textured materials. Material such as faux leather, suede, velvet, wool or satin will bring the perfect amount of drip to your fits. Going back to the subtlety of color coordination, textured material will bring a subtle yet eye-catching element to your look. If you're choosing hushed grey tones, but still want to catch a vibe, a knitted wool sweater or suede tee in the same color scheme will do just that. If you're opting for a more colorful look with red or green hues, but want to keep it muted, a faux leather coat to layer over will keep your look perfectly balanced.

We Advise You Accessorize

No fit is ever complete without some accessories. Accessories are where your options open up a bit, especially with jewelry. For hats and beanies, the same rules for clothing will also apply here. Keep it light, muted and subtle. Logos may also be incorporated, but for the truest minimalistic fit in the game, stick with the hushed tones and 'essentials only' vibes. As for the jewelry, this is your opportunity to ice it out. Because jewelry pieces are typically subtle to begin with, you can be as big and bold as you want with them. Minimal style pairs pieces like our Bank Chain Necklace with a simple black T. Iced out timepieces are also the dopest way to bring your minimalist fit game to the next level. So if you're ever in doubt about choosing textured materials to pair with your minimalist outfits, play it safe by choosing a subtle fit accented with the sickest wrist-wear piece you have.

Don't Pass On Contrast

Many minimalist clothing brands accentuate their collections by playing with contrasts. Contrast colors will be the key to bringing life to your minimalist looks without any textures you might not be comfortable wearing. This is the perfect way to keep it simple but far from basic. Denim colors are a sure way to amp up your relaxed look while keeping it on trend in the world of fashion. If layers aren't your thing or it's just not the right season to bundle up, duo-tone matching sets are another way to do the minimalist look right! Experimenting will help you navigate your own aesthetic while in the flow of this hyped trend.

The minimalist look is the easiest way to make a statement. With only a few prime pieces in easy-going colors, you're sure to show out for any occasion in the best way. Remember the key rules to wearing minimalism well are muted tones and staying true to the basics. When in doubt, always keep in mind that less is most definitely more!