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Summer Date Night & Day Date Outfit Ideas For Him and Her

Summer Date Night & Day Date Outfit Ideas For Him and Her

Summer is almost at a close, but we know your date night outfits are just getting started! Here are your date day or date night looks for him and her.

There’s nothing quite like a summer date. Whether you’re planning a fun-filled day at the beach or a romantic dinner and cocktails date in the city, what you wear is absolutely important – especially if it’s a FIRST date outfit! Even if this isn’t your very first date, we get the hype of getting all dressed up and going out with your person. Looking good will make you feel better and absolutely set the vibe so we’re helping you make sure the vibe you’re setting is A1!

What to Wear on a Summer Day Date for Him & Her

Fellas, if you planned a date to the beach, park or any other outdoor activity, you’ll want to opt for something loose-fitting, versatile and stylish. The perfect daytime date outfit is definitely tees with shorts or loose-fitting pants, and short sets. Depending on your planned activity, you can also remain casual with a graphic tee and denim shorts paired with some clean Jordans, or you can choose something a little more elevated with a button up collared shirt and matching shorts sets with all white slip-on Vans or other casual sneakers. 

For the ladies, you’ll want an outfit that is just as versatile so you can keep up with whatever you or your partner has planned. Matching sets are going to be the perfect option for you – either opting for a matching skirt set to keep it all the way cute or a matching leggings set for a little more movement. Of course, denim shorts and a top will always be a gorgeous daytime date look as well. You can pair this casual look with strappy sandals or your favorite sneakers and be ready for some daytime fun!

What to Wear on Cool Summer Night Dates

If your summer daytime date turns into a cool summer nights date, you'll want to pack up some layers for the change in temperature. There's really nothing quite like a warm summer night – often, the most amount of layering you will need is a light jacket or flannel. Chilly summer night outfits can be the same as your daytime looks, but just adding a layer such as a denim jacket for both men ad women, or even a hoodie if it's a casual evening. 

Urban Classy Outfit Aesthetics for Dates

Let’s say you planned something a little more upscale for your daytime activity – some casual looks may not fit the vibe for this type of date, but you’ll still want the same level of comfortability no matter what. Keep it simple with a more upscale matching short set for guys and classy loafers or clean denim jeans and a polo tee with Chelsea boots or your freshest sneakers. For our Rockstar babes, opt for simple dresses – either bodycon silhouetted or maxi dresses – and strappy sandals or wedges.

High-Class Dinner Date Looks

If you’ve planned a high-end dinner date evening for you and yours, this is where you get to show up and show out. There is no such thing as being too overdressed for a dinner date night, either. Guys, you can definitely rock some designer denim for this occasion. Denim sets are always a good look as well – so long as they are paired with the right shoes! If you’re looking at just denim jeans, be sure to pair clean denim with upscale button up shirts. Minimal to no graphic designing is preferred, but if that’s your style just be sure to clean it up with minimal accessories like a chain and a matching watch. 

High-class dinner outfits are easy to style for our Rockstar ladies. Midi dresses are a gorgeous look that can be paired with a statement piece jacket or coat and stilettos. Remember, there is a fine line between club chic and elegant chic, so be sure to make note of where you’re going for your date, or at least the dress code if the place is meant to be a surprise!

Remember, date nights are meant to be fun and memorable. Planning the perfect date night is enough pressure so when in doubt, we hope you remember this simple and quick guideline to looking and feeling your best! Snap some pics and don’t forget to tag us on IG for a chance to feature your swag!