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What to Wear on a First Date (for Him and Her)

What to Wear on a First Date (for Him and Her)

The pressure to dress to impress on the first date is immense. Before you summon an army of your besties, relax! We’ve got easy tips.

As you know, you have one shot to make a first impression. When it comes to a first date, you want to show your authentic side, but at the same time, you want to impress, right? 

The pressure to dress to impress on the first date is immense. Before you deep dive into social media scouring the web for fit inspo, relax! We’ve got easy tips for him and her on what to wear and what not to wear on a first date, whether you’re doing a casual coffee or formal dinner. Make an impression they won’t forget!

First Date Outfit Ideas

Tips For Choosing a First Date Outfit

The best outfit to wear on any first date is one that makes you feel good. When you look good, you feel good. This important link between what you wear and how you feel has been studied countless times. Wearing fashion pieces that help you feel confident will only yield a positive first impression and make it easier for a first date to be a success.

Color psychologists suggest red and black as the best colors to wear. Scientists have found that the color red makes the opposite sex feel more intrigued by their date. For men especially, color plays a lot in terms of attraction.

What to Wear on a First Date For Coffee

The best outfit to wear for a chill date like grabbing coffee is something casual yet attractive. Think of an elevated version of your everyday basics jeans, tanks and tees. You will look effortless while still being comfortable and, best of all, flattering too. Another thing to keep in mind for both men and women: It’s all about accessories. For men, wear a nice watch or a statement belt. For women, showcase your personality with a bold colored shoe or statement earrings.

But don’t overdo it. It’s just coffee. 

Ultimately, wear whatever is most comfortable for you sneakers, flats, booties or heels. If you need an extra layer, depending on your plans or where you live, a trendy leather jacket or a blazer can warm up your look, literally!

What to Wear on a First Date For Drinks

Drinks after work likely mean you and your date will arrive straight from the office, wearing what you wore to work. A little advanced plan can transform your everyday looks to happy hour-ready.

For ladies, if you want to feel sexier, swap your top for a bold blazer, heeled booties and a statement belt or other accessory. 

For guys, if you don’t want to look stiff wearing a suit or other work attire, swap the suit coat for a more casual button-down or graphic tee. Or keep the casual business attire, but switch to distressed jeans.

What to Wear on a First Date For Casual Dinner Date

Coffee dates may take the pressure off what to wear, but dinner dates set an undeniable tone you want for a first impression. Consequently,  dinner dates may be the harder scenario to dress for. The biggest fear is that you’ll be overdressed, or send the wrong message that you’re moving too fast, too soon. Keep in mind where the dinner will be. Casual restaurants give you a little more leeway in dressing with your favorite aesthetic, like grunge or indie.

Ladies, keep it simple: A cute athleisure style dress lets him know you're into sporty activities. If that’s not your jam, try a denim outfit with a cute pair of heels to let him know you have a fun side.

For men, layering a graphic tee or hoodie under a jacket with designer jeans is safe. 

What to Wear on a Formal Dinner Date

TBH, a first date over a formal dinner can feel more like a scene from a reality dating show designed to make the participants feel as uncomfortable as possible! But some people may be into it. Whatever your plan is, remember not to try too hard! 

Dressing for a formal dinner may get a little more complex when it’s also a first date. A fancy dinner out is where you really want to dress to impress, but you also want to relax and be yourselves!

Formal dinners give you an opportunity to elevate your style. Ladies, nothing is better than the little black dress accessorized with a little bling — large hoop earrings and a cocktail ring, for example. Up-dos always add a nice touch to show off your eyes and your fashion.   

For men, a dinner jacket, button-down and solid denim jeans or dress pants are also good choices. Some guys may even opt for the shirt and bow tie combo, which has made a recent comeback. Whatever you choose to wear for a formal dinner date, just make sure it reflects who you are.

What Not to Wear on a First Date

The best advice for what to wear on the first date for him and her is to choose something you’re comfortable in. Be yourself!

If you are interested in the other person, and you want them to notice you, be bold but also true to you. Save those more eccentric styles for special nights when the two of you have something to celebrate! For your first date, simplicity is key! And for a few more tips, here are some useful suggestions experts say to avoid on a first date:

  • Shoes that are difficult to walk in
  • Sheer clothing
  • Tons of jewelry
  • Tight clothing that you have to keep adjusting
  • Anything that makes you look frumpy (ask your bestie)
  • Anything that's not you

It may sound cliché, but the most important thing you can do on a first date is to look like your authentic self. Casual first date outfits don’t mean much without the unique aesthetic of  your personality. That’s what matters most!