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Y2K Fashion — What Is It & Why You Should Wear This Trend

Y2K Fashion — What Is It & Why You Should Wear This Trend

The 2000’s fashion was full of trial and error, but we’re taking back our favorite period pieces and making them the dopest looks of all time! Here’s the Y2K aesthetic and how to wear it better than ever before.

The style is so nice it’s being worn TWICE! You may have heard of the latest trend — the Y2K Aesthetic — among many other styles circulating the metaverse at the moment. This aesthetic, among a sea of others, is a little more sentimental because it originates from a time of immense change and hope for what the 21st century might look like. Saying goodbye to a century of styles, creativity and life as we knew it was nerve-wracking to say the least, but also the most exciting fad. When the internet and computers transformed from an odd, talking machine to the coolest piece of technology ever seen, inspiration and optimism about what else was to come took flight concurrently. Ideas of flying cars and other predictions of our digital future became more realistic than ever before. The start of the new century brought all of this and more, including some of the most iconic fashion trends to date – and it’s absolutely no wonder why it’s back in style today.

2000’s fashion had more cringy moments than almost any other decade before with what many designers believed to be the future of fashion. We’ve taken some of the most iconic looks throughout time and perfected them with ingenious RSO creativity. Here are the top styles you need when taking the Y2K aesthetic to the next level.

3 Ideas for Y2K Aesthetic Outfits


Custom Denim Jeans 

Denim jeans are always a good fashion option but even more-so in the Y2K aesthetic. Why? The options, of course! With denim jeans in various washes and custom designs like paint splatter and printed detailing, there’s no limit to what you can wear and how you can style them. As far as Y2K fashion brands go, RSO fits right in with this express-yourself clothing trend. 

Two styles we suggest for men are the Ziro Printed Jean and Tovi Ombre Jean. These styles paired with a basic oversized tee will perfectly create that OG 2000’s aesthetic for sure. For our Rockstar women, we suggest our Lovergirl Jean and Tayla Flare Jean because of the urban inspired graffiti details and fit.

Double Up On Denim

Denim on denim may have had a rough start in the early 2000’s, but today’s fashion experts say otherwise. Denim on denim ‘fits are tried and true now and almost always appropriate for most, if not all of your events. Light wash denim sets or all black denim sets are perfect for an overall put-together look. Still, if you really want to make it Y2K, RSO has plenty of custom made denim sets that embody perfected 2000’s vibes. Camo print was huge in the early 21st century so our Men’s Ridge Denim Jacket & Jean set is the perfect Y2K outfit for sure. Don’t worry Rockstar babes, we have the perfect camo ‘fit for you too in the next best way to dress Y2K: tracksuit sets! 

Tracksuit Sets to Match Y2K Aesthetic

2000’s fashion is most known for velour finished track sets, but any track set will bring you all the vibes you want, especially camo sets and Y2K aesthetic PINK. Ladies, check out the gorgeous Pretty Girl Trackset for the ultimate Destiny’s Child vibes. The Y2K trend is all about bright colors with futuristic features and retro edgy details. For Men, we suggest the Arad Track Set to stay on point in the most epic way. If you’re looking for something a little more muted but still something to bring you back to your B2K days, take a look at the Ellis Hoodie Track Set in White

Optimism and technological utopianism paired with the new wave of fashion inspired by the start of the 21st century made fantasies come to life. Fast-forward to today after so much civil unrest, social injustices and a pandemic to add, the need for hope, optimism and genuine creativity and happiness is needed now more than ever. We might not be able to change many things, but we can change up the style and this is one trend that just makes sense! Express yourself with the Y2K aesthetic by checking out RSO’s latest — and to get inspired, here's a playlist to rock with while you get on trend!