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Tik Tok Aesthetics — How to Find & Feed Your Fashion Style

Tik Tok Aesthetics — How to Find & Feed Your Fashion Style

Jumping into the world of TikTok fashion trends is a lot easier than you might think, especially with these examples. Here are our favorite Tik Tok aesthetics.

The thing about fashion TikTok is that there is always a new aesthetic shuffling around the stream of videos as you entertain yourself with content. Though it might be a little overwhelming at first, hopping on the trend train is more effortless than it may seem — especially with viral trends to set the example.

If you’re still a little unsure where to start, or there’s just TOO much analyzed inspo circulating the FYP to spark your style interest, we have the essential ways you can style trending TikTok clothes that can be easily integrated into your own aesthetic.

Find Your Aesthetic — How to Use Tik Tok to Feed Your Fashion Style

Figuring out your niche will help you narrow down what trends will work best for you. As you scroll through the videos and begin to interact with the ones that you relate to most, TikTok will take it from there and tailor your FYP to match your interests! If you want to be a little more direct, you can search fashion videos and start following top TikTok fashion influencers which will also help TikTok create your perfect algorithm.

Urban Streetwear Aesthetic on Tik Tok

If your niche is urban streetwear, search these hashtags on Tik Tok: 

  • #mensfashion
  • #menstyle
  • #mensfashiontips
  • #fashiontiktok
  • #ootd

You can see all these hashtags and more on our Tik Tok, so check out RSO's Tik Tok feed. Our weekly drip includes custom denim, unique outerwear and dope tees and hoodies to match. Urban streetwear is definitely the Rockstar Original niche, so we have options to lock down a dope streetwear look for sure. 

Athleisure Aesthetic on Tik Tok

However, if your niche is a little more defined like cozy vibes or fit life, you’ll want to look for brands that rock athleisure wear, influencers and hashtags such as:

  • #fitnesstiktok
  • #fitness
  • #gymtok
  • #workout
  • #cozyoutfits
  • #casualoutfits
  • #basicboy

All of these hashtags will parallel your individual vibe, so you can find the perfect fit to your aesthetic. In addition, our Men’s Track Set collection and Women’s Activewear collection will give you all the options you need to find a style you really vibe with first and foremost.

Indie Grunge Aesthetic on Tik Tok

One of the hottest fashion trends to re-emerge in the last year has been the indie vibe or grunge aesthetic. You can see this aesthetic’s influence all over TikTok. It has evolved into a very creative aesthetic from its OG vibe in the 60’s-70’s. Learn more about it and how to rock the evolutionized grunge trend here. Another trend to jump into is the minimalist aesthetic.

Minimalist Aesthetic on Tik Tok

Minimalism got a huge boost in 2021 and into 2022, thanks to all the van-life vloggers and Marie Kondo wanna-bes. You can find inspo for the minimalist aesthetic from brands like our very own RSO or others such as Essentials, Stussy and more. We also have our eyes on these minimalist influencers on TikTok that take this trend to the next level and you should too! Check these dope influencers out to see how they bring the trend to life:

  • @dorianlizaleunig1
  • @itsblurosa
  • @treybryant27

Style TikTok Fashion

Once you have your niche figured out, now it’s the fun part. Integrating new trends with your own wardrobe will bring your individual aesthetic to life while staying on point and on trend. Let’s go back to the fit life aesthetic. You may be all about athletic leisure clothing, but if varsity style bomber jackets or the newest Jordan Retro’s are currently trending, you can pair the latest with your greatest! A tried and true trend that is popular on TikTok is layers! Again, keep your specific niche in mind, but jackets and outerwear styles for Men and Women are the easiest way to integrate new styles with your own wardrobe.

TikTok fashion trends also embody all-around individual creativity. That means there really is no right or wrong way so long as you rock your style with confidence. Never forget that trends are just ideas or guides to really help you navigate your own take on what’s popular at the moment. Trends go in and out of style so quickly but your vibe will always remain, so stay true to you!

See You on Tik Tok

Social media has always influenced the fashion world with its effortless convenience. Yet, TikTok’s highly curated algorithm has completely elevated this system to ensure that fashion trends are exposed to a massive audience and pique the interest of millions through originality and unique creativity. Once you understand a few basics about how TikTok combines the best aspects of marketing fashion from other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest with a customized For You page, you can tailor your feed with fashion styles to try from around the world – all in the palm of your hands!