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5 Personal Brand Tips to Make Others Admire You

5 Personal Brand Tips to Make Others Admire You

First impressions are everything – and we’re giving you the dialed-in info you need to make a statement with your sense of fashion. Here’s 5 tips you need to know to make others appreciate your aesthetic!

You’ve heard it before – a first impression can make or break you. So if you only have one shot to say everything you need without speaking a word, you have to make sure your style is locked in. But how can you make sure you’re putting your best fashion foot forward? Following this guide will definitely give you a head start from the rest, so let’s get into it!

There are many ways you can ensure that your style is channeling your personal brand while staying fashion-forward. But these are the 5 easiest ways to get others to appreciate your fashion vibe.

1. Figure out your personal brand

It’s a no-brainer that your personal style will depend upon your personal brand. What does personal brand mean? You’ll hear that phrase a lot on social media and reality TV. It simply refers to the way you want people to see you –the perception you convey to others. Yes, it’s 2022 – we individuals are multi-faceted and never restricted to one label or category. However, that doesn’t mean your personal style can’t be explained with a specific perception in mind. Hence, your personal brand! It can be sporty, artsy, theatrical or urban. Whatever you’re into, just be sure you’re going all in and staying true to you!

2. Choose a color palette

Let’s be really clear – you are not restricted to any one color or style when developing an aesthetic others will admire. But the more you have your style on lock, the more people will appreciate its clarity and strong foundation. Choosing a color palette that works for you will create a sense of identity that is uniquely yours. 

3. Get things tailored or buy clothing that fits you well

Unless you’re going for an oversized look – and there is a difference between baggy & oversized – be sure you’re buying clothes that fit you well. All clothing is made differently, so whether you have to size up or down isn’t a big deal. The most important factor to take note of is the measurements for any style you’re shopping for. With pieces that fit perfectly, you’ll create a look that others will definitely appreciate. Sizing up will also ensure that your staple piece styles last you long-term instead of just a few months.

4. Keep it simple

However you define ‘keeping it simple,’ do more of that. If your simple consists of denim jeans and graphic tees, get a couple pairs of jeans with a few different colored tees. If your “simple” consists of sweatpant and hoodie sets, get a couple sets in colors that work well for you. Your simple should consist of functional clothing and timeless designs.

5. Add character to your style with accessories

While keeping your style functional and timeless, you can add some flavor to your daily looks with some trending accessories. Adding a dope trucker hat, custom crystal belt and some sneakers will complete your overall look like a bow-tie on top! These are the finishing touches that others will notice the most and make everyone do a double take.

The idea of developing a personal branded style that others will admire is creating a sense of security, comfort and confidence. When you’re comfortable and secure within yourself, you’re much more relaxed and people will appreciate that energy. Plus having a dope color palette and fire streetwear swag definitely adds to the appeal. So when you’re ready to level up your streetwear styles, shop the latest at RSO!