Should Men Wear Skinny Jeans? Styling Advice for Dudes in Tight Jeans

Should Men Wear Skinny Jeans? Styling Advice for Dudes in Tight Jeans

Can guys wear skinny jeans? (Yes, of course.) How do you style skinny jeans outfits? What body type is best for Men's skinny jeans? This guide answers FAQs like these.

How are skinny jeans supposed to fit on men? The simple answer is, wear what feels best. We're answering common questions on how to wear skinny jeans for men, what to wear with men's skinny jeans, and what types of skinny jeans look good on different body types. 

There is a difference between skinny jeans and jeans that are too tight, which we'll get to in a minute. Bottom line is, if your pants hurt, then they're too tight! Don't wear jeans that are painful or don't allow you to breathe. 

Yes, men can look good in skinny jeans with the right shoes, shirt and fit. However, buying a pair that fits well is key when styling this men’s fashion staple. 

What Are Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans are designed to hug your body and show off your shape, even for men. Sometimes people use the phrases "skinny jeans" and "slim-fit jeans" to mean the same thing. Technically, they aren't the same.

The difference between skinny jeans vs slim fit jeans is slim fit jeans have narrow leg openings and a more relaxed fit. In the illustration below, you can see that a slim fit is more rectangular, while the skinny jean almost mold themselves to your legs. 

Any truth to rumors that skinny jeans are bad for men?

We assume you're asking about an internet rumor about skinny jeans being linked to fertility issues. We aren't qualified to answer medical questions, but we can say that if anything you ever wear causes pain or numbness, it's too damn tight. 

We did find one study that suggests that tight-fitting jeans can lead to health problems, including bladder weakness and urinary tract infections (Source: MedicalNewsToday). So, no, don't go down a size from your normal size just to get the skinny jean look. Get skinny jeans that (1) are true to your size and (2) include a blend of cotton and a stretchy material like elastane or spandex. There is a major difference between skinny jeans and jeans that are simply too small for you to wear.

This is worth repeating: Guys wearing skinny jeans need to find a pair that fits their bodies well and have some stretch in the waist, hips, groin and thighs. Here are signs jeans are too small:

  • They hurt.
  • When you take them off, they leave deep, discolored marks in your skin.
  • When you squat, it feels like they're going to rip.
  • You experience numbness in your legs.
  • You have to lie down to button them.
  • You need to jump up and down to get them on. 
  • You get a "muffin top" around your waist (a high-rise pant can help). 

How Should Skinny Jeans Fit?

When it comes to how skinny jeans on men should fit, they should always be comfortable. When clothes fit you properly, they will be easy to move as you’re not fighting fabric. Also, if your jeans look like they’ve been printed onto your body, they’re way too tight. They should button comfortably and sit at your natural waistline without bunching.

However, material bunching at the legs is OK! In fact, this is called a stacked fit jean, which is very popular right now. So, material bunching at hips? No, no. That looks sloppy and ill-fitted. Material bunching at the legs? Hell, yes. That looks dope.

Are My Jeans Too Tight?

You can tell if jeans fit by lift your legs and squatting without feeling like your jeans will rip. The pinch test will allow you to pinch about a half inch to an inch of fabric around your thigh. Any less than that means your jeans are too tight. You should be able to pinch the same amount of fabric in your calf area too. 

How should skinny jeans fit at the ankle? How long should skinny jeans be?

Ideally, for length, men's skinny jeans should end at the top of the foot. This means that you want your inseam close to your thigh, so your jeans won’t pull at your knee when you’re sitting. However, the length of your pants will depend on personal preference too, and what shoes you intend to wear with your skinny jeans men's outfit. Weather can also dictate the ideal length of men's skinny jeans. While cropped hems are popular in warmer temperatures, they aren't great for winter. 

Styling Tips for Guys Wearing Skinny Jeans

We bet you’re wondering about what to wear with men's skinny jeans. Perhaps the best shirt to wear with skinny jeans is the classic T-shirt. It’s effortless yet looks put together. A collared shirt is a way to take your outfit up a notch. Pair your outfit with leather boots or sneakers for whatever style aesthetic you’re going for. 

A sweater or hoodie are great ways to style skinny jeans for men. Visually, pairing a looser sweater with skinny jeans gives a street look to any man wearing them. Just be careful that you don’t go too tight, especially if you’re wearing this outfit to work. The color combinations are endless, too, so any man with any style can feel comfortable wearing this outfit. 

Thin Men vs Muscular Men in Skinny Jeans

Some guys who wear skinny jeans do so because they want to look thinner. On the other hand, some guys, especially muscular guys, wear them to show off their buff physique. And there's nothing wrong with either reason. Where skinny jean choices go wrong is when these guys wear pants that are too small. 

For someone who feels a little self-conscious about their thin legs, straight leg or slim fit jeans may be a better option. Skinny jeans on thin men (and women) will make you look skinny. If you're OK with that, go for it. If you're trying to conceal thinness, consider straight leg or wider fit jeans. 

Muscular guys and guys with larger physiques might have a harder time fitting into skinny jeans and slim fit jeans, especially if they've got muscular thighs. For this physique, a tapered fit may suit their body shape best. But yes, larger men can definitely wear skinny jeans with the right styling – they go very well with layered looks, like a hoodie and a denim jacket. 

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