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The Retro Resurgence: Men’s Stacked Flare Jeans Are In

The Retro Resurgence: Men’s Stacked Flare Jeans Are In

Lots of classic trends are making comebacks this year and Men’s trousers are no exception at all. Skinny jeans had a great run, but it’s time for that new new to hit and we’ve got your essential guide on all things stacked and flared!

You might think stacked flare jeans are a dope, new trend, but the style has actually been around for years. Stacked jeans have also been interchangeably known as curved jeans, extended jeans, “J” shaped jeans and even elongated jeans. 

What Are Stacked Jeans?

But what does “stacked” mean with this trend? “Stacking” actually refers to the effect on jeans that are cut extra long so they bunch up towards the hem, forming rolls of fabric below the knee. To be an authentic “stacked flare jean,” the fabric typically must be fitted in the thighs. For all you Rockstar fellas who stay ahead of the trends, this is one style you do not want to miss out on. So here’s the story on stacked flares and how you can integrate it into your modern wardrobe.

The preference of oversized styles rose in the 90’s, and they have been fluctuating in popularity ever since. Flared denim has been evolving its look since the 1960’s and continues to elevate in style. But don’t be fooled by the name, stacked “flare” denim isn’t your average retro, flare ‘fit – it’s lengthened rather than outstretched whilst maintaining the structure of classic fitted, skinny jeans. The way we have designed our stacked denim that sets this style apart and above all others is the quality and custom designs. 

RSO’s stacked denim comes in a variety of styles, colorways, custom designs and sizes. We are keeping in mind that this style is worn but YOU and not the other way around. So we’ve taken all of the tried-and-true looks from throughout fashion history and created pieces that just do not miss. Styles that are available are black stacked flare denim, printed cross graphic stacked flare denim and even crystal detailed stacked flare denim in light wash and medium wash colors. 

So how can you integrate these custom styles in a way that is modern and on point? We have 3 tips to always keep in mind.

1. Ripped Stacked Denim With Deconstructed Hems

Distressed denim and deconstructed denim are always on brand when it comes to premium streetwear style. Especially so when ripped denim is paired with clean and solid color tees. The jean then becomes the focal point of the entire outfit without overdoing the details too much.

2. Graphic Tees

Even if you choose distressed denim, graphics t-shirts will always be a great complement to the overall aesthetic. We suggest this look more for casual nights out to a bar or to a laid-back club where the multiplicity of the designs won’t be too overpowering and hard to look at. Under colored lights and dancing people, graphic tees and ripped stacked flare jeans will fit perfectly and make you stand out from the rest.

3. Sneakers & Accessories

An outfit will always look instantly complete and topped off when you close with your best sneakers and some iced out jewelry. There are many different sneakers that will pair well with RSO’s stacked flare jeans such as our Men’s Rae Stacked Flare Jean in light wash denim with styles like the Retro High OG Hyper Royal Jordans or the OG Silver Toe Jordans. Complete the look with a Cuban link chain and an icy piece of wrist-wear for the cleanest streetwear look.

Stay ahead of the trend and shop Rockstar Original's STACKED FLARE DENIM now! Tag us on IG for a chance to be featured!