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Barbiecore Fashion Aesthetic: Essential Outfits & Accessories

Barbiecore Fashion Aesthetic: Essential Outfits & Accessories

Barbiecore fashion is more than pink, although pink is core to the fashion movement. Barbiecore celebrates women's curves, independence and Boss Babe leadership.

Let’s face it, fewer things evoke happiness like bright colors and feminine accessories. Barbiecore is the latest fashion aesthetic that combines bright and bold with girly. Barbiecore fashion references Barbie, so think of anything you would dress the iconic doll in. Most people think it’s just pink, and although pink is a core color to Barbiecore fashionistas, it’s more than that. Barbiecore is fun and classically chic. 

What Is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore is defined as a specific fashion trend that embraces an energetic yet sophisticated look. It is about much more than having the right clothes and accessories. It is also about women reclaiming their power and celebrating the divine feminine, said Erin Walsh (to CNN Underscored), celebrity stylist for Anne Hathaway’s Barbiecore look in the Valentino Fall 2022 collection show. 

Where Does Barbiecore Originate? 

While there’s been a resurgence of its popularity since Valentino's show, many celebrities and fast fashion houses have joined this pink popularity bandwagon, especially female rappers like Nikki Minaj, Lizzo, and Megan Thee Stallion. Ultimately, Barbiecore represents the idea that these outfits don’t just have to be reserved for dolls, but can be worn in real-time too. 

What Barbiecore Is Not

The Boss Babe and Baddie aesthetics pay homage to similar feminine ideals, but in more monochromatic looks instead of the bright and bold pink and other colors a Barbiecore girl may wear. Barbie has always been a maximalist, meaning she has had a mix and match of different outfits, accessories, and jobs. Ultimately, Barbiecore embraces the statement that wearing bright, pink, or girly things reduces who someone is. 

While the aesthetic does take much of its definition from the blond hair, blue eyes, thin, and "perfect" hourglass-shaped doll, it has evolved to include every woman. Barbiecore celebrates women of all shapes and sizes, regardless of race or ethnicity. Talk about powerful!

Barbiecore's Boss Babes take ownership of the color pink and turn it into a power color, and no, we don’t just have to wear it on Wednesdays! 

Core Essentials for Barbiecore Clothes

Barbie represents both female empowerment and the fact that women can do whatever their hearts desire. This goes for how to dress in Barbiecore clothes too. While there are some core essentials that are associated with the fashion aesthetic, they can also be dressed down for a more athleisure look with the right accessories. 

Some of Barbiecore’s key essentials pay ode to the Y2K aesthetic with its bright, fun, and in-your-face style. This element of nostalgia helps ensure that it remains relative as other fashion aesthetics come and go. 

Ultimately, most of what people wear for a Barbiecore look is lighthearted, playful, and fun. Some of its core essentials that can be found in the Rockstar Original collection include:

#1 Pink Tracksuits

The Chanel Pink High Waisted Activewear Set is a staple for getting your daily caffeine fix, running errands, or getting to your CrossFit class on time. 

#2 Pink Crop Tops

Pretty much any top that screams pink (or any other bright fun color) fits this aesthetic. 

#3 Pink Dresses

Whether a mini dress, body con, and everything in between, Barbie girls wear fun, Y2K-inspired dresses like the Poppy O-Ring Zipper Midi Dress. With a midi length, you can style it with your favorite heels to glam it up even more. 

#4 Pink Pants

Yes, we go all pink. The Harlow jogger pant from Rockstar Original features brand logos with graphics on a snake print design. With a drawstring waist and cuffed hems, this says comfort and cute all-in-one. 

#5 Pink Outerwear

The Clermont Twins' Rockstar Original celebrity collab features a puffer jacket in a variety of colors, including bubblegum pink. With a ribbed knit trim, it has slant zipper pockets that accentuate every body type, especially those with curves. 

#6 Pink Shorts

Whether biker shorts or pink denim, anything pink and short can fit this aesthetic perfectly. 

#7 Pink Matching Sets

Matching sets are an easy way to look cute without trying too hard. For the Barbiecore look, try our Mandy skirt set with a tie-front short sleeve plaid top and a cheerleader-style skirt. 

#8 Pink Rompers

The all-in-one outfit, Pia Pink Romper comes in fuchsia with a plunge neckline and a ruched bottom, talk about cute! 

#9 Pink Accessories 

Whether heart-shaped glasses or Gradient Rockband Trucker Hat in neon pink, accessories are what bring this entire girly, too-cute look together. 

#10 Pink Shoes

Try pink platform heels or even knee-high boots for the ultimate girly look. 

Shop For Barbiecore Fashion at Rockstar Original

Find everything you need to rock your fun, happy, and it’s-time-to-celebrate feels at Rockstar Original. You can find Y2K-inspired fashion pieces to mix into your favorite outfits. Shop pink today at RSO