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What Types of Coats Do Streetwear Hypebeasts Wear in Winter?

What Types of Coats Do Streetwear Hypebeasts Wear in Winter?

What kind of coats do streetwear-loving men wear? The puffer coat is the go-to style, but there are 6 other types that you'll find in this hypebeast's closet.

Parka? Puffer? Ski jacket? Down-filled? What does it all mean? We get it, you want a winter coat that is practical but also fits your streetwear style. Here's a guide to the types of coats for men that will keep your streetwear aesthetic cozy and looking dope all winter long. 

4 Lengths of Coats For Men 

Search the internet for "types of coats for men," and you'll find at least 50 different types of jackets and coats ranging from lightweight windbreakers to men's full-length puffer, wool or fur-lined heavy winter coats.

But not all types of jackets are right for the urban streetwear styling man. Here, we cover our tried-and-true favorites, some of which you'll find right here in our online store at Rockstar Original. But first, a quick lesson on men's coat lengths:

  • Short length: The hem stops at the waist, at or just above or below the beltline (this varies depending on the type of pants and where the beltline lies). Short length typically is found on bomber jackets, windbreakers, and puffer jackets.
  • Medium length: The hem of a medium or mid-length coat stops below the tush, completely covering it. Types of jackets that have this length include ski jackets, peacoats, and our own mid-length puffer coats.
  • 3/4 length: This type of coat stops mid thigh. You'll see 3/4 length on longer peacoats, trench coats, raincoats and some puffer jackets. It's considered more of a dress or formal coat length.
  • Full length: This type of coat stops somewhere below the knees. Considered a formal type of men's winter coat, you might find it in a faux fur style, puffer, trench or winter wool coat. It's not practical for winter sports, but it is for commuters, party-goers and fashionable men! 

Popular Types of Coats for Men

The following are 7 types of coats that suit streetwear-loving men. 

Puffer jacket 

Puffers are the top-selling mens jacket type among followers of the streetwear aesthetic. 

Puffer jackets come in a variety of styles, including waist-length, mid-length, and a more heavy style that is thicker and has button-front coverage across the face. Eddie Bauer has been coined as the creator of the first puffer jacket in 1936, and Rockstar Original took it to the streets in the 2020s, adding graffiti inspired graphics, patches and designs.

The modern-day puffer jacket has puffy sections between the stitching to help keep body heat in. This means it’s a great choice for those looking for something that will keep them warm in the coldest of weather. We usually recommend getting a puffer jacket one size up, so it fits with extra room to accommodate thick sweaters and hoodies layered underneath. This ensures that the filling has enough space to circulate air and helps keep your body heat inside the jacket for colder weather. 

Bomber jackets

The bomber jacket originates in World War I and was designed to be functional and keep the wearer warm while still being able to move freely. It was insulated for higher altitudes, especially the cold, open-air cockpits of bomber planes. This is most likely where its name originated.

A classic bomber jacket has a simple zip or button front with slanted front pockets. It offers a loose fit with a ribbed knit collar, cuffs, and waistband. Part of what makes a bomber jacket so popular in terms of types of coats for men is that it is versatile. Not only can it be dressed up or down, but it is a great transitional piece too. Choose one that has enough room in the arms so it doesn’t fit tightly. Also, make sure there’s enough room to zip it, even with a heavy hoodie or sweater underneath. 

Biker coat

A biker coat is one that typically is worn by those that ride a motorcycle. It is usually designed to be short and close-fitting, which keeps heat in while among the elements. An aviator is a mix between a flight or bomber jacket and a biker jacket and usually has a faux fur lining. At Rockstar Original, we combined the two types of coats for men with the Keegan Jacket


Usually, a parka is longer than a regular jacket and extends below the waist. Most are designed to offer warmth in extremely cold weather. The biggest difference between a parka vs puffer jacket is that the parka is longer, thicker, and heavier than a puffer jacket. The puffer jacket is better for winter sports or outdoor activities, while a parka may make it difficult to be active in this heavy-duty men’s coat. 

Letterman jacket

Typically, a letterman jacket is worn by high school and college students to represent the school sports or activities they’re involved in. However, Rockstar Original took inspiration from the concept with our Sir Leatherette Puffer Jacket. The standard letterman design remains with added style and warmth. 


The term peacoat originates from the Dutch word pijjakker, which refers to the type of cloth used, a coarse twill cloth with a nap on one side. These stylish mens coats are functional and allow for movement while still keeping the frigid winter air out. Choose one that hits the bottom of the hips. A coat that is too long will look bulky, while a too-short jacket will make you look bigger than you are. 

Chore Coat

The chore coat was first made for use by those in the workforce. This loose-fitting coat has large breast and hip pockets with a button closure. Usually made of canvas or twill fabric, it was designed to be worn while working. However, now it is a versatile wardrobe staple for men. This classic workwear piece complements almost every style aesthetic. 

Shop For Different Types of Coats For Men

When you’re looking for a new coat to fit your style aesthetic, Rockstar Original offers a large variety of lengths, colors, and styles. Looking good while feeling warm has never been easier. Shop today for men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.