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Winter Streetwear Wardrobe Essentials: Men's Cold-Weather Must-Haves

Winter Streetwear Wardrobe Essentials: Men's Cold-Weather Must-Haves

When weather changes, it’s time to transition your wardrobe to your favorite cold-weather must-haves. Winter streetwear is some of the most comfortable clothing, and best of all, it can still look drippy AF. Once summer is over, it’s time to start layering up. Creating unique looks with individual pieces can be fun, and that’s what winter streetwear is all about. 

The best winter streetwear outfits are balanced. While there may be oversized pieces of various lengths, they all work together to create a put-together and street-wise look. Here we will discuss some of our favorite clothing pieces that we think every man should have in his closet. 

Layered Flannel With Joggers & Kicks

Winter is the time to add layers. Layer your favorite Rockstar Original graphic t-shirt and joggers with a flannel. Try a bold color combined with neutral staples for an all-new look. Add your favorite pair of kicks to complete this simple cold-weather outfit. 

Layered Flannel With Hoodie & Boots

A layered flannel also looks great with a Rockstar Original designer hoodie underneath and boots. Wear pieces of different lengths so they can be visible when worn together. The boots just add to the streetwear vibe by being both functional and fashionable. 


Nothing is easier than throwing on a two-piece tracksuit set and heading out the door. While they may seem like they all look the same, some have unique details like zipper ankle hems, which are new and trending. This go-to out-the-door outfit is convenient for when you just don’t have the time to put together a head-to-toe outfit. It’s already put together for you. 

As a wardrobe essential, every man should have at least a few of these in their closet, whether to head to the gym or just to hang out with friends. Choose a block color men’s track set with statement features like a logo down a leg or even ribbed cuffs to stand out in the crowd. 

Puffer Jackets

A puffer jacket is a must-have cold-weather piece that not only allows you to look on trend but also keeps you warm too. Add a hoodie underneath for an extra layer. Best of all, our Rockstar Original puffer coats, like the Metallic Red Alasia Puffer Jacket, come in a variety of styles and lengths. Many of RSO's puffers have detachable hoods which make creating different looks with the same essentials easy. Our L.A. design team has thought of everything! 

Aviator Jackets

An aviator jacket is another staple that every man should have in his closet. Not only is it street in every way, but it’s versatile. Our Keegan Jacket combines a biker jacket with luxury streetwear. Made of faux shearling and fur, it’s the perfect winter streetwear layering piece. It’s sold in a variety of tones including black and brown, two of the most neutral colors you can have in your wardrobe. This makes putting together unique street outfits that much easier. 

Ripped Jeans

While jeans are a winter streetwear must-have all year round, patched ripped jeans from Rockstar Original are a little something extra during winter. A pair of stacked leg denim jeans are also great as it adds dimension to your aesthetic. Jeans with adornments, rips, or other details are a statement piece that an entire outfit can be created around. 


Accessories are often what bring an entire outfit together. In terms of winter streetwear, a beanie is functional and is a cherry on top of a well-done look. Whether a neutral color that will match with most of your other cold weather clothes or a bold color to add contrast, a beanie is a must-have for every man, regardless of his age. 

Shop Now for Winter Streetwear

When you’re looking for the trendiest, high-quality winter streetwear pieces, look no further than Rockstar Original. With a large variety of wardrobe must-haves, we sell unique fashion pieces that make a statement. Shop for all your favorite cold-weather winter streetwear pieces today. Elevate your look with any of our clothing pieces.