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10 Staples in Every Hypebeast's Closet

10 Staples in Every Hypebeast's Closet

The hypebeast loves his brands, loves his logos and loves his shoes. Here are 10 things you'll find in every hypebeast's closet.

The hypebeast — he loves his brands, loves his logos and if his girl thought she had a shoe thing, just WAIT 'til you see this dude's shoe wall. The hardcore hypebeast's drip is labeled head to toe, from his trucker hat to his branded slides, and every tracksuit, graphic T-shirt, and hoodie between. 

This movement of the streetwear aesthetic started with the surf and skate culture of California in the 1980s and 1990s. Its fashion is also heavily influenced by the early hip-hop scene. This casual yet fashionable clothing style can be seen in communities across the United States. 

For the hypebeast, the logo on your chest or your shoes represents more than a brand; it's a social status that reflects who you are. 

What Is Hypebeast Clothing? 

Hypebeast clothing can best be described as logo attire that has some sort of branding such as these:

  1. Professional sports teams (especially New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls)
  2. Athleisure brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma (and, of course, RSO) 
  3. Luxury brands like Bugatti, Gucci, Rolex and Bentley  

Here are 10 things that every hypebeast has in his closet. 

1. Graphic Tees

Every hypebeast has graphic tees with popular symbols such as crosses or skulls, logo tees from their favorite brands, bandana patches, or even a favorite city like Beverly Hills. 

2. Sweatpants

Gone are the days when sweatpants were only meant for gym class. Sweatpants are no longer a sign of not caring about what you’re wearing and have gone from lazy to lux. The athleisure movement has made sweatpants a staple in nearly any streetwear fan's closet, including a hypebeast.

3. Tracksuits

Matching athletic wear sets are a staple in the athleisure movement. Hip-hop artists like LL Cool J first made them popular back in the '90s. A hypebeast will choose a monochrome look with a sweatshirt, T-shirt, and/or sweatpants with a logo or brand clearly identified. 

4. Puffer Jackets

The oversized puffer coat, puffy jacket or bubble coat is core to the hypebeast's winter wardrobe. In fact, they collect jackets and outerwear to match every outfit and style, including jean jackets, bomber jackets and puffer jackets. 

5. Branded Slides

Slide sandals are like graphic logo tees for your feet. Both casual and practical, they offer a way to wear your favorite brand at a bargain. Rockstar Original’s line of unisex slide sandals is a great addition to any streetwear wardrobe. 

6. Stacked Jeans

Stacked flare jeans, also known as curved or J-shaped jeans, are cut extra long, so they bunch at the hem. This results in rolls of fabric slightly below the knee and stopping at the ankle. The best pair will be fitted in the thighs to allow for the design element to appear flared. 

7. Hats

Hats, especially bucket hats and trucker caps, are a staple, but they must have a logo, brand name or team name clearly on them. Whether a sports cap, trucker or bucket, hats are a key accessory in any hypebeast’s wardrobe. 

8. Hoodies

A streetwear hoodie features designer logos, sports team logos, or concert merch. It can be a pullover style or zipped up in the front. Hoodies and tees with hypebeast fonts (classic fonts like Helvetica Neue and Old English serifs are especially common).  

9. Straight Leg Denim

Skinny jeans are being eclipsed by slim-fit, boot cut and the aforementioned stacked jeans in the streetwear game. It’s all about comfort. Hypebeasts love classic denim, like RSO's Brennon biker denim in a distressed light wash. This is a staple for all men and women who enjoy rocking the latest trends of the streetwear movement. 

10. Kicks

Streetwear helps to bring both fashion and sports together. In 1984, Nike made its first pair of Jordans, which heavily influenced the bottom of today’s hypebeast closet. Fashion is about communicating who you are, and streetwear combines comfort and style all in one. 

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