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A Guide to Selecting the Best Jeans Fit for Men and Women

A Guide to Selecting the Best Jeans Fit for Men and Women

‘How should jeans fit’ doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer! We’ve created a must-have guide of various jean cuts and best fit jeans for your body type!

You’ve probably found less than a handful of denim jeans that feel like they were made for you – those jeans that even from the first moment you tried them on, they just fit in the best way. Not to mention the wide variety of colors, washes and designs to choose from. Well, if you have ever shopped for jeans before, (which EVERYONE HAS at least once!) you know finding the perfect pair comes once in a blue moon. But shopping for denim jeans doesn’t always have to be so difficult! To ease your search, we’ve created a thorough guide to help you find the perfect pair of jeans that will fit your body type flawlessly!

First things first. There are over 25 types of jeans to consider, but we’ll focus on what we like to call the essential 6. These 6 types of denim jeans are the most popular in style and fit. So let’s familiarize ourselves with the best of the best.

Denim Cuts: The Essential 6 Jean Types For Him & Her

1. Skinny Jeans Fit

Skinny jeans are also known as tight jeans for obvious reasons – this type of jean hugs the hip and thigh section and tapers towards the hem to hug the ankles just right. These jeans are typically made with stretch material, but RSO recommends sizing up one for a slightly looser fit if you’re rocking one of our custom denim pieces

2. Straight Leg Jeans Fit

Straight leg jeans are another widely popular cut because they give a similar appearance as skinny jeans minus the restrictive feel. Straight leg jeans offer versatility as they can be slightly looser, baggy or fitted. 

3. Tapered Jeans 

Tapered jeans are the mid-point between skinny jeans and straight leg jeans. They are loose enough to give you more mobility, but fitted enough for a clean-cut look. Tapered jeans mimic the natural shape of the leg by narrowing more and more towards the hems. 

4.  Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans imitate straight leg jeans but in a bigger way – literally. They accent a fitted waist with exaggerated straight legs and loose hems. This cut is the staple piece of the ensemble so it should typically be paired with a fitted top for men or crop tops for women unless you’re going for an oversized, loose-fitting look. They are comfortable and always stylish.

5. Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans are like the novice version of flare jeans. Boot cut jeans feature a fitted silhouette around the hips and thighs, then slowly begin to expand slightly towards the hems.  

6.  Flare Jeans

Flared jeans are the next level boot cut jeans. Similar to boot cut jeans, flare jeans are fitted at the hips and thighs, then begin to taper towards the knees and accentuate dramatic hems typically opening about 20-23 inches wide.

Now that we’ve broken down the essential 6 types of jean cuts, let’s talk about which of these styles will fit your body type best.

Best Jeans for Body Type

There are 3 main body types to understand – it is also important to note that not every body type will fall exclusively into just one category. Nevertheless, here are the 3 primary body types: 

  • Endomorph: Slender, slim, petite frame, little body fat. Body shape can include inverted triangle, banana or rectangle shape. 
  • Mesomorph: Athletic, average frame, naturally toned. Body shape can include hourglass, apple or rectangle shape.
  • Ectomorph: Full-figured, shapely, easily gains more body fat. Body shape can include apple, hourglass or pear shape.

If you fall into the endomorph category,  or you’re looking for jeans for short men, these are the best jeans for you:

  • Straight leg jeans will complement your slender build.
  • Flared jeans will bring volume to petite frames
  • Wide leg jeans will give the illusion of length and poised width.
  • Skinny jeans will flatter your dainty stature.

If you feel your body type primarily resembles a balanced mesomorph, the best fitting jeans for you are:

  • Straight leg jeans to accentuate your shape.
  • Boot cut jeans to enhance the natural fullness of your frame.
  • Skinny jeans for a clean-cut look.

If you have an ectomorph body type, these jeans will fit and look best on you:

  • Boot leg jeans will suit voluptuous bodies by bringing balance to the hems for a perfect look.
  • Flare jeans will enhance your waist and bring balance to your shape.
  • Skinny jeans create a slender illusion and complement your curves.

Next time you’re shopping for different styles of jeans, keep this jean fitting guide in mind for an effortless jean shopping experience! And don’t forget to tag RSO on IG for a chance to feature your style!