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What Is The Soft Aesthetic In Fashion?

What Is The Soft Aesthetic In Fashion?

Guide to the soft aesthetic or softie aesthetic, plus a few variations on the hyper feminine clothing aesthetic.

The softie aesthetic is a cutesy look similar to a VSCO or e-girl or guy look, but it's more subdued than those bold aesthetics and it draw inspiration from Kawaii Japanese aesthetics. The soft girl aesthetic features anything cute, girly, pastel, and just softer. You'll see a lot of pastel and pink colors, as well as florals and traditionally feminine patterns, and adding an even more dreamy or innocent element to soft aesthetic clothes. Think Cassie from Euphoria for the hyper feminine aesthetic fashion inspiration. 

For those who love everything Y2K, your looks may intertwine with a softie in that many of the accessories like butterfly clips, baby doll floral dresses, and pastel cropped sweater cardigans may fit both of these looks. A soft girl is just more romantic and wears softer looks. 

There are a few variations of the softie aesthetic. The soft baddie (think Ariane Grande, Kylie Jenner, or Saweetie) is someone who wears the softie aesthetic (pinks, purples, pastels), but with a slightly more sexy or mature vibe (deeper necklines that show cleavage, for example).

The soft-boys aesthetic is the male equivalent of the soft girl and is for guys confident enough to show off their sensitive sides or for those daring with their fashion wardrobes. They wear more muted or dark tones, but may wear things that a soft girl would wear too like plush, soft fabrics. 

What Is a Softie Look? Key Traits of the Soft Girl Looks

The best thing about the soft aesthetic is its flexibility. One day she may dress whimsical and cute and the next she is wearing military boots with lace tights and a pink crop top. The softie aesthetic offers a hyper feminine aesthetic that can be described as cutesy and diverse. 

Some key traits of the soft girl's look include:

  • Pastels¬†
  • Pink, cream, or white
  • Hearts
  • Clouds
  • Stars
  • Moons
  • Floral prints
  • Soft fabrics like velour
  • Lace and frilly trims¬†

You may see her wearing milkmaid dresses, baby doll dresses, crop tops, tied-up or short cardigans, lace tops, tennis skirts, plaid skirts, cargo pants, bucket hats, berets and classic designer handbags, to name a few fashion pieces. 

Complete The Look with Soft Girl Makeup 

The soft girl's makeup is ultra girly and youthful. Think dewy skin and as much glow as possible. The soft girl aesthetic focuses on bold makeup with heavy eyeliner, eyelash extensions, pink or pastel eyeshadows, pink lip gloss or nude lipstick, heavy blush, and, of course, lots of highlighter to draw even more attention to their oh-so-cute faces! Some even love adding a few faux freckles for an added cute factor. 

What About Soft Girl Hair?

The soft girl aesthetic hairstyles can change day by day, depending on their inspiration. Some popular hairstyles include low pony, braids, space buns, messy buns, and curls. Accessorize with scrunchies, butterfly clips, flower crowns, heart-eye sunglasses, or even a teddy bear (or teddy bear backpack). Loose waves are generally the universal softie aesthetic hairstyle, as they give off the romantic look and are easy to maintain. Some even choose to dye their hair soft pastel colors for an added touch. 

Examples of Soft Aesthetic Outfits

Ultimately, soft aesthetic outfits vary as much as any other fashion aesthetic. However, some examples of soft aesthetic outfits include matching skirt sets like the Marrow set in soft pink. With cute graphics and a cropped length, this outfit is cute and fits the aesthetic perfectly. Pair the set with your favorite cutesy sneakers. 

The Clove button-up blouse is bold yet fun with a multicolor ocean print and an overall soft pink motif. Style it with your favorite tennis skirt and bucket hat. 

When you’re looking for a cute yet effortless softie look, try the Charlee Pink Short Set. Featuring cute rhinestone logos on both the top and bottom, it comes in your favorite color, SOFT PINK! Pair it with your favorite heart-shaped sunglasses. 

Embrace Your Unique Style 

Ultimately, the softie aesthetic is a combination of inspiration from Y2K-inspired things and romantic softer fashion pieces and accessories. Remember that whatever your style is, what matters most is how you feel when you’re wearing it. Confidence is the best accessory any guy or girl could ever wear.