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How to Look Good at the Gym: Hot Outfits For Working Out

How to Look Good at the Gym: Hot Outfits For Working Out

Level up your workout with these hot and sexy outfit ideas. When you look good at the gym, you'll get a better workout. It's all about you.

Looking good at the gym isn’t about vanity. It’s about taking care of yourself and presenting the best version of you for you. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you feel more confident and more motivated. Bonus: Your positive vibes radiate to the people around you. Good vibes are infectious.

Here, we present fashion inspo for the gym!

Gym Outfit Ideas

For women, we like coordinated separates at the gym — like a lightweight cropped hoodie with matching bike shorts or the two-piece biker set with a sports bra and biker shorts. Bright colors with modern graphics are sure to boost your energy. Cutouts are also very hot in the urban streetwear fashion trend, and they've made their way to the gym, too. Look for cut-out pattern shoulder straps and coordinated cut-out pattern waists. 

Guys, we recommend two-piece short sets with lightweight cotton T-shirts and drawstring shorts. RSO's best workout sets for men include zipper pockets, so you can get your cardio on without worrying about losing your valuables. 

Hottest Gym Outfits

Women need the best of both worlds in workout gear: sexiness and support. In other words, your workout clothes should adequately support you above and below the waist but also look sexy. Look for open back workout tank tops and sports bras with matching shorts that show your curves. For added sexiness, look for biker shorts with cutout designs and backless workout tops like our Jinx Bike Short Set!

For men, nothing looks quite as dope as our sleeveless jersey tanks with matching drawstring and zipper pocket shorts. Whether you’re on the court or in the gym, lightweight poly fabric like our Mood Short Set will keep you cool and comfortable.

Best Activewear Hoodies

Hoodies are another great gym look because not only are they dope pump covers, they also work to intensify your gym sesh by making you sweat more. We suggest zip-front hoodies (short or long sleeve) and coordinating track pants, which you can remove and put back on before and after your workouts. 

Track sets for men and women are hot looks right now in the urban streetwear fashion vibe, even making appearances outside the gym. Learn more about the versatile athleisure fashion aesthetic

Bottom Line: How to Look Good at the Gym

If you just roll out of bed and throw on a baggy T-shirt and wrinkled shorts, we predict you're going to have a workout that matches your look: Low energy and messy. 

Step up and step out when you head to the gym with these tips:

  1. Wash up: A cool splash of water to remove yesterday's remnants will have your skin ready for the fresh sweat you're about to generate at the gym!
  2. Do your 'do: Longer hair looks nice in a loose hairband, but you can also cover your bed head with an embroidered RSO trucker hat.
  3. Make up: All the experts we consulted say to skip the foundation and go to the gym with a clean face. Sweat mixed with makeup is the perfect recipe for breakouts. If you're working out outside, choose a sunscreen that's designed for athletes (oil-free formula).
  4. Dress in layers: Wear breathable tops and bottoms for your most intense workouts, and cover up in layers for pre- and post-workout activities. 
  5. Wipe off: Take a clean, dry towel with you to the gym to wipe off sweat. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests patting skin rather than wiping. 

Whatever makes you sweat — running, cycling, lifting, or shooting hoops — we’ve got active fashion wear that will pump your confidence, so you feel good while working out. And, let us repeat: There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good while working up a sweat!