6 Ways to Dress Up Sweats, Tracksuits, and Joggers

6 Ways to Dress Up Sweats, Tracksuits, and Joggers

We've got 6 simple rules for dressing up in sweats, tracksuits and joggers.

Long gone are the days when you wore sweatpants and tracksuits only while watching sports or binging TV shows with your bae. Sure, you can still do that and look dope, but today's designer sweats, track sets and joggers are popping up everywhere from A-list events to cigar bars and clubs. 

Thanks to hip-hop influencers and streetwear aesthetics, sweatsuits, tracksuits and joggers have become on-trend fits for men and women. But how do you wear these looks without looking like you just rolled out of bed?

We've got 6 simple rules for dressing up in sweats, tracksuits and joggers.

1. How to Style Sweats With Accessories.

The secret to dressing up your look is pairing your fit with the right accessories; but don't overdo it. Accessories with an RSO tracksuit or coordinated sweatsuit should be balanced. Gold jewelry, a pair of designer shades, or (for women) a designer handbag -- choose one, maybe two at max. Too much of a good thing can easily look over the top, especially for men. Less is more.

When you wear a tracksuit that's embellished with logos, crosses, skulls and flames (see RSO's Willard Hoodie Track Set, for example), you want to let the 'fit make a statement, not compete for attention with too many accessories. On the other hand, a minimalistic monochrome track sets like our Men’s Zed Hoodie Track Set with statement accessories looks dope AF!  

Men: Accessorize your look with a gold chain and a watch or a pair of aviator shades to complete the dressed-up-sweats look.

Women: Big hoop earrings, oversized shades and a premium designer handbag complete the chill vibe look for the ultimate boss babe ensemble.  

2. How to Dress Up Joggers With the Right Shoe.

Rather than looking like "I just threw these on because they were right by the door," opt for a pair of quality sneakers to dress up your designer jogger or track set. Leave the Crocs, running shoes and beat-up sneakers on the shoe rack.

Men: A dope pair of Jordan Retros with a coordinated tracksuit will have you looking fire.

Women: Your best pair of stiletto heels adds a confident touch to your tracksuit, and they're the perfect way to transform your casual look into an all-dressed-up-and-ready-to-go look.   

3. How to Make Sweatpants Look Good. Like, Really, Really Good.

Dry clean your dress-up sweats. Fr? Yup. You'll notice that most of RSO's care instructions suggest "Dry Clean Only." Professional cleaning retains the fabric and their embellishments, so they look like they came right off the rack, freshly pressed. Dry cleaning protects the colors and keeps the accents looking dope. 

(We recommend you do this with your jeans, too. Dry cleaning and professional laundering your best clothes not only helps them last longer, but they look better when you wear them.) 

4. How to Glam Up Tracksuits With Hair & Makeup.

Ok, Ladies: What we said in rule #1 about "less is more" doesn't apply to your beauty. With perfectly styled hair, expertly shaped brows, full lashes and long, snatched nails -- you've turned couch potato into Boss Babe. When you’re trying to dress up in a sweatsuit, consider the entire look. Take the time to style your hair, beat your face with your best make-up and make sure your nails are fresh. Now you're Insta-ready.

5. Style Sweatpants and Track Pants With Layers.

Dress up your favorite sweatsuit by pairing it with a leather, denim or a dope jacket (for example, this Patchwork Jacket in Red can be worn over a simple hoodie). If you're wearing an all-black tracksuit, try a graphic tee if it's a zipper hoodie. A leather jacket can also complete this look nicely. 

Men: For layered sweatpant outfit ideas for, try layered looks with fitted (fitted, not baggy!) plain white tees.

Women: Fitted graphic tees, plain white or solid tanks (the plainer, the better when it comes to layering with luxury designer tracksuits).

6. How to Wear Sweatpants Outfits Without Looking Sloppy.

Maybe we should have made this No. 1 on our list because the fitment is the most important differentiator between casual loungewear and luxury comfort outfits. 

Dressing up sweats, tracksuits and joggers is all in the sizing. If you want to buy a size too big for lounging around the house, that's ideal for maximum comfort. But if you want to show up and show out, a fitted set is always best! It doesn't matter what fire ice you have on or if you have the latest J’s – baggy sweats are for the couch! Fitted sweats are for going out.  

No matter what your body type is, wear tracksuits and joggers that fit your body, hug your curves, and complement (not hide!) your physique. Baggy clothes look sloppy. Period. 

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