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How to Style Shorts for Men

How to Style Shorts for Men

We break down what men should and shouldn't wear with shorts in this guide to How to Style Shorts for Men.

Have you ever noticed that when men wear shorts, there is a fine line between looking dope and looking off brand? That's why a lot of guys avoid wearing shorts altogether. Here’s the break down of what men should and shouldn't wear when it comes to shorts and the summer drip. 

What Men Should Wear With Shorts

The reality is that men can wear almost anything with the right shorts. What you choose depends on your style, where you’re going, and how much style you have. Whether paired with your favorite sneakers, gold chain, snapback hat or graphic tee, shorts can be styled in different ways so that every man wearing them can look drippy and comfortable at the same time.

What to wear with men's denim shorts

Wear a fitted graphic T-shirt, tucked in, partially tucked in, or untucked -- the tuck doesn't matter. Avoid oversized tees. Your girl will tell you: That look is sloppy.

In cooler weather, you can wear a denim jacket of the same type of denim as the shorts. So, washed out distressed denim shorts should go with washed out distressed denim jackets. They call that "twinning" in the denim sets lingo. Denim shorts also look good with lightweight hoodies.

Denim shorts pair well with most things in your closet, whether a graphic tee, polo, or a patterned button-down shirt. Experiment with different patterns or washes to bring some variety to your daily fit. Ultimately, how to wear denim shorts depends on your comfort and style, and that’s all that ever matters when it comes to fashion.

What to wear with streetwear shorts: Look for coordinating tees to complement the streetwear short look. Slip on athletic trainers to complete your summer drip.

What to wear with drawstring shorts: The athleisure look is comfy, casual and cool for summer. Again, we recommend the fitted graphic tee, preferably tucked in for a more polished look. 

How to Dress Up Shorts (for Men)

A sure way to dress up shorts is to pair them with a short-sleeve button-down shirt. This helps you look put-together effortlessly. Add accessories like wristwear or new kicks and you have a dope fit that will make a statement. 

Also, try wearing your shorts as a part of a two-piece matching short set. This means that your entire look is already ready for you -- there’s no guesswork involved, just which shoes to wear. 

What Shoes Men Should Wear With Shorts

Choose a colored sneaker that complements your short outfit.

Loafers can instantly dress up an outfit with shorts, but select a casual-Friday loafer over the shiny leather ones you would typically wear for special occasions. 

Slides or sandals work best with a more casual shorts outfit, such as cotton or nylon basketball shorts. Slip-ons by Sperry and Van's look good with Rockstar urban streetwear shorts.  

How Should Shorts Fit Men?

Generally, shorts should fit so that your knees are visible or just slightly covered when standing. Running shorts get more leeway than casual shorts, as they were made with exercise in mind. Look for shorts that fit you well and will be comfortable all day. This doesn’t mean you buy them two sizes too big; you buy them in a size that fits your body with ease. 

FAQs About Styling Men's Shorts

What goes with men's shorts in all white? And, is it OK for men to wear white shorts?

Yes! Men’s white shorts are trendy, versatile, and simple to style. It’s a neutral color that allows you to experimen. Pair them with a monochrome tee or even a patterned short-sleeve button-down for a more dressed-up fit. 

Are khaki shorts in style? What do you wear with tan shorts?

Ultimately, khaki shorts are a neutral that doesn’t go out of style; at the same time, it's not the dopest look. Pair it with nearly any other color except other light neutrals where it might clash, like gray. Also, khaki shorts with pleats do tend to have an older, dad-vibe look. We're not saying, "Don't wear khaki." You do you!  

What should you wear with patterned shorts?

This depends on the look you’re going for. If you want to look more dressed up, pair it with a matching shirt. A two-piece matching set is trendy, comfortable, and an easy way to dress. For a more casual look, pair patterned shorts with a tee or tank that complements its patterns. Neutrals work best, such as white, tan, or black. 

What are "jorts," and how do you wear them? (And why are they bad?) 

Jorts are, simply, jean shorts. While they do have a bad rep, if you choose a pair that ends just above your knee to avoid the oversized high-cut pants look from WWE, you'll be OK. Choose a tapered style, so they don’t flare out and give an unflattering silhouette. Pair them with a nice polo or t-shirt that is tapered to match the tailored fit you’re going for. 

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