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Zodiac Sign Outfits: Best Clothing Staple Pieces by Horoscope

Zodiac Sign Outfits: Best Clothing Staple Pieces by Horoscope

Some people don’t believe in astrology but those are the very same people who act up when Mercury goes retrograde! Whether you believe in it or not, it never hurts to learn about what kind of style goes well with your zodiac sign & personality!

Taking note of the zodiac characteristics from your birthdate may not be everyone’s ideal way of defining life – but we have to admit it is one of our favorites because sometimes they are eerily on point! When we read about the zodiac signs, they mostly talk about personality traits and daily horoscopes and predictions. It’s not often you see style pairings based on your zodiac sign but we think it’s an important one that can really help you elevate your sense of style. So let’s start from the top!

Fire Sign Aries

For those of you born between March 21-April 19, you tend to be go-getters with an incredible drive to succeed. Though you mean well, your fiery personality can get a little hostile at times so the best styles most suited for you would be denim jackets! RSO denim jackets are perfect for the Aries clothing style because they are durable, designed for all day comfort and uniquely customized to make you Fire signs stand out in the best way possible. For Aries Men looks, we recommend the Ski Printed Jacket and for the ladies, check out the Chantria Denim Jacket.

Earth Sign Taurus

The relaxed Taurus is known for luxury, and a bit of idleness. The only thing a Taurus loves more than enjoying the finer things in life is being a homebody and enjoying the minimal things in life. Because of this balance, Taurus fashion is all about comfort and mobility, so their ideal style is definitely loungewear. For Taurus Men style, we suggest a fresh set of stacked jeans and for Taurus Women, we suggest the Vienna Tie Dye Set!

Air Sign Gemini

The double trouble celestial Gemini twins are all about many, many pursuits! One thing is never enough for these fun-loving hustlers. If you’re a Gemini then your perfect style is as obvious as the sun itself – nothing will suit you Air signs more than denim sets! Denim sets are perfect for Geminis because you get the best of both worlds all in one. Custom sets like our Men’s Exo Jacket & Jean, or our Women’s Moneybag Denim Jacket & Jean will suit a Gemini best.

Water Sign Cancer

Flowing Water sign Cancers are known for their ebb and flow between the tangible and intangible. They are highly intuitive yet very realistic in their approach so of course a must-have for the Cancer clothing style is the versatile puffer jacket! Puffer jackets are a must-have staple piece especially for Cancers because they can be worn even outside of the Winter months! For Men, we suggest our Freddy Puffer Jacket and for our ladies, we suggest the Jackey Puffer Jacket.

Fire Sign Leo

Fire sign Leos are passionate and riveting! Despite Leo’s composed demeanor, they can be a bit dramatic, so their ideal style is custom denim for sure. We’re talking distressed details and custom paint splatter, prints and crystal designs. For the Leo men, check out our Billie Printed Jean. For our ladies, take a peek at the Tayla Flare Jean!

Earth Sign Virgo

If you’re an Earth sign who was born between August 23 and September 22, you are someone who is very practical and systematic in their approach. Virgo energy embodies diligence and hard-work, so your ideal clothing style to rock is basic tees! Cotton tees are a staple piece for you because you crave things that just make sense – and a good cotton tee just makes sense! For Virgo men, you definitely want to cop the Rakim Printed T-Shirt and for you Virgo women, check out our Women’s Angel Tee

Air Sign Libra

For you balanced Air sign Libras, we all know you love to keep the peace by keeping it minimal. Libra’s are obsessed with symmetry and solace so their ideal outfit is Essentials only! For our balanced Libra Men, they definitely need to have the Zed Hoodie Track Set in their wardrobe and for the lady Libras we recommend the Woodstock Track Set!

Water Sign Scorpio

If you were born between October 23 and November 21, you are someone who might be a little misunderstood at times. This is because Water sign Scorpios are very dynamic, complicated and tend to act according to their emotional energy. Despite some confusion from these characteristics, there’s no confusion when it comes to Scorpio fashion! For Scorpio Men’s and Women’s outfits: Graphic tees are most definitely your jam because they are practical but also edgy! 

Fire Sign Sagittarius

The last Fire sign of the zodiac is anything but least – they are diligent in their pursuit of adventure and zeal and make no apologies for the space they so confidently take up! Of course the perfect style for these fiery individuals are track sets! Track sets are perfect head-to-tie outfits that keep these hustlers on trend and in their element. For styling Sagittarius men, we suggest the Gloc Track Set and for you Sagittarius women, we suggest our gorgeous Elsy Track Set.

Earth Sign Capricorn

Oh, you confident Capricorns! The last Earth sign of the zodiac knows that patience and persistence are key! The only style tried and true enough to match the Capricorn energy is hoodies! Whatever the weather, Capricorn outfits that incorporate hoodies are always a good option! They are lightweight enough for all day wear, yet cozy enough to keep you warm and comfortable.

Air Sign Aquarius

Aquarians are interested in anything intriguing and beyond the bounds of normalcy. They enjoy flowing between community and singularity – meaning they love what’s on trend, but also stay true to themselves! Their ideal style of dress is definitely short sets because it combines the best of a traditional sweatpants set with a little more breathability and movement! For our Aquarius men, we suggest the Buck Short Set and for the Aquarian gals, try out the Gigi Short Set.

Water Sign Pisces

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces have absorbed all of the right and wrong from the other signs. Pisces people are a collection of every direction, making them highly sensitive and empathetic. The ideal Pisces outfit definitely has flare denim! Flare denim has taken all of the best details from traditional denim jean styles and brought to life something entirely new and unique – a match made in heaven for Water sign Pisces! For Pisces men, check out the Toosi Stacked Flare Jean and for our gorgeous Pisces ladies, the Rubi Rose Trap Jean!