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What is OOTD? How We Celebrate Fashion in the 2020s

What is OOTD? How We Celebrate Fashion in the 2020s

What is OOTD? Is it a fashion trend? Culture tag? Here are three things to know about outfit-of-the-day fashion trend.

OOTD is one of the latest #culturetag trends to arise from the world of reality stars and social media influencers. What is OOTD? It stands for "outfit of the day." Who started OOTD? According to, reality show personality Stassi Schroder (of "Vanderpump Rules") started sharing her daily outfits with the #ootd hashtag in 2018.

By the way, OOTD is not the original daily outfit hashtag. It replaced WIWT, which stands for "what I wore today," which started in the mid-2010s. 

Thanks to Insta influencers, #ootd trend took on a life of its own, as good viral fashion trends do. As of 2022, it has more than 407 million posts on Instagram alone. It's predecessor #wiwt has only about 17.5 million posts. And according to National Today, a website that tracks official and not-so-official holidays, June 30 is National OOTD Day (yes, National Outfit-of-the-Day Day).

3 Outfit Of The Day Tips 

If you're looking to celebrate the OOTD holiday, or maybe just join in the fashion to share your favorite looks, the Rockstar Original team has tips for you. OOTD celebrates head-to-toe fashion, so while there aren't any hard-and-fast rules, there are some basic best practices. After all, if you're sharing your OOTD, you want to inspire!

When it comes to putting an OOTD together, we have three tips for you. First, think total package. OOTD is all about the ENTIRE outfit. Second, take a good photo, head to toe, showing your entire outfit. Third, make the whole thing look effortless. The key to successful fashion is to have fun with your looks without trying too hard. More on that in a minute. 

OOTD is the total package, head to toe

Your OOTD should be head-to-toe fashion, including your accessories. So, not only is OOTD about your clothing, but it includes your shoes, jewelry, headwear and handbags. Every item in your OOTD should complement each other. Here's an example from the RSO Insta: 

Note how their outfits look coordinated without looking too costume-y? That's the key to a good outfit, having colors, patterns and fabrics that complement each other without clashing or competing for your attention. So, a brightly colored outfit calls for understated accessories and vice versa. But, again, these are general guidelines.  

Take a good OOTD photo

Your OOTD photo should be a full-body shot, showing the entire 'fit, from your hairstyle down to your shoes. To take the photo, you can pose for a selfie with a mirror, but the best #ootd shots are taken by someone else. Our favorite #ootd posts show RSO fans posing in natural settings like these:

Note how some of the posts include front, back and side shots so you can get a 360-degree view. Even better? A video short! 

Make your OOTD look effortless

One way that some fashionistas assemble effortless looks is by filling their wardrobes with complementary colors. Others might organize their closets by colors, so it's easy to pull out matching or coordinating separates. 

If you really want to embrace the OOTD culture, consider storing your clothes as outfits. Next laundry day, when you fold and hang your clean clothes, consider putting them away as outfits, rather than separates. So, instead of hanging all your hoodies, jeans, and T-shirts in one section of your closet, pair them up. Hang your clothes as outfits, and even complete the looks with underwear and accessories. 

The effort takes time, but throughout the week, you'll appreciate the ease of dressing every day! And don't forget to share your #ootd with your #rockstaroriginal friends.