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What Is Moto Fashion (And How Do You Wear Biker Jeans)?

What Is Moto Fashion (And How Do You Wear Biker Jeans)?

Rockstar Original defines moto fashion aesthetic. Here's what to look for in moto denim, moto style and moto living.

Biker jeans, also known as moto jeans, have become a hot trend for men and women alike. What defines moto fashion? In this blog, we will explain the origins of moto style and how to style biker jeans effortlessly.

What Are Moto Jeans? Moto Pants?

Instead of a smooth material like regular denim, moto jeans have raised lines and other patterns to resemble protective gear. Ultimately, these jeans pay homage to the 1960s and 1970s style with a slim design, distressed rips, and textured stitching on the knee or leg. 

With reinforced fabric on the legs and distressed denim, finding a pair of moto jeans that you would love to wear is simple. These jeans were made with the idea of being both stylish and protective at the same time. At Rockstar Original, biker jeans are a staple in our high-quality selection of men’s denim.

Best Pair of Moto Jeans For Your Body

When it comes to streetwear, how you want motocross pants to fit will depend on your preference. When it comes to motocross aesthetic, look for jeans with a straight leg and stacked hem. While these biker jeans should be fitted and not tight, they should sit just above the ankle, to be the most comfortable and safest to wear while riding. The best moto jeans balance comfort and overall style perfectly. 

Rockstar Original’s Moto Jean Selection

While moto jeans can look edgy and bold for some people, they are very wearable if you take the right approach to styling them. Ultimately, biker jeans come in various washes, styles, and colors, so finding something that fits your body type and your style aesthetic best is effortless. 

At Rockstar Original, we offer our signature soft denim in light to dark washes and even black too. Our skinny fitted biker jeans won’t disappoint as they come in one-of-a-kind designs. Stay true to your style with our custom-made limited edition ripped biker jeans. Our moto jeans include distressing, patchwork, and even hand-painted graphics. 

How to Wear the Moto Aesthetic 

Ultimately, biker jeans can make any outfit look more badass. If you already own a pair and have no idea how to wear them or want to upgrade your wardrobe, we have some tips on how to wear them. 

#1 Casual and chic

Stick to pairing them with classic pieces like a denim or leather jacket, sneakers, and a classic band T-shirt. Most of the wardrobe staples you already have can be paired with moto jeans and result in a casual and sophisticated outfit, no matter where you're going. 

#2 Cool yet comfortable

It’s no secret that jeans will always be a closet staple, but with the right styling, they can be worn on a night out. Because denim is so versatile, it gives you the opportunity to mix and match different prints and patterns when putting an outfit together. Start with gray or black moto jeans and pair them with a white T-shirt, a button-down, or even a cargo jacket for different occasions, whether a night on the town, a casual date night, or Sunday Funday with the guys. 

#3 Edgy and bold

Want to stand out in the crowd? Choose a pair that has unique designs, whether graphics, patchwork, and much more from Rockstar Original. Because our collection includes such a variety, it’s not hard to find a pair that matches your personal style. The easiest way to style bold moto jeans is to pair them with a neutral basic, so the attention is on your jeans. Try a classic white tee or a gray or black sweatshirt or hoodie

Stand out in streetwear fashion with a pair of women's or men's biker jeans at Rockstar Original.

Shop For Moto Jeans on Rockstar Original

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Let’s face it, we know you want to look your best. However, sometimes it’s hard to find the best way to put your closet staples together. With the help of our expert fashion team, we can help! Learn more styling tips on the Rockstar Original blog here.