Outfit Ideas To Wear To a Concert in the Fall

Outfit Ideas To Wear To a Concert in the Fall

It may be getting colder, but the music scene is just getting warmed up. If you’re looking for an outfit for your fall concert, we’ve got the looks for you.

When we think of going to a concert, we typically think of summer. But the beat doesn’t stop just because the temperature drops. The music festival season is still swinging in October, and plenty of artists are hitting the stage across the country.

Since concerts are still going strong, that means our style game must go stronger. If you’re trying to decide what to wear to your next event, check out our outfit ideas to wear to a concert in the fall.

Outdoor Concerts

Like we said, music festivals are still going in the fall. Even beyond the festival scene, there are still plenty of outdoor concerts, whether in the city park or at an outdoor stadium. And when you’re standing outside for two or three hours, you’ve got to be prepared to look hot when it gets cold.

Max Out Your Outerwear

Since you’re going to be outside for the whole concert, your outerwear is your outfit. So, when it comes to copping a fire outfit to wear at a fall concert, going hard on your jacket is a must. Here are a few ways to elevate your outerwear game.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets: they’re warm, they go with everything, and—let’s be real—they’re BA! Leather jackets can also make themselves at home in any music genre, from punk to rap. Keep it classic with an all-black jacket or mix it up with hot red flames or studs.

Bomber Jackets

If you’re hitting up a rap concert, bomber jackets are a look that can’t quit. Bomber jackets give you tons of options. You can go lowkey with a single color like our chaos bomber jacket, or you can go bold with patterns like our Cayman bomber.


We’re not about telling people what time of year you can and can’t wear colors and fabrics. But you must admit, fall is the perfect time to rock a suede jacket, especially when you’ve got fur on the collar. Men, check our brown Lansky jacket for a look you can rock day or night. And ladies, if you want a look that’ll turn heads, check our BA Lia jacket.

Puffer Jackets

For concerts that are at night, near the waterfront, or both, you need a little more warmth to keep you going all night long. But warmer doesn’t mean bury yourself. Puffer jackets are the perfect blend of warmth and style.


Tracksuits offer the perfect combination of being comfortable, staying warm, and looking dope AF. That’s exactly the combination you need for a fall outdoor concert outfit. The beauty of the tracksuit look is you can rock it a ton of different ways:

  • With a pair of sneakers
  • With a pair of heels
  • Mix and match different color jackets with pants
  • With a snapback or bucket hat
  • With a hoodie instead of a track jacket

Remember, just because tracksuits are more casual doesn’t mean you have to dress like you just got out of the gym. Up the bling for a look that’s ready to shine at your concert venue.

Layer it up

If your concert starts at 5:00 and lasts three hours, chances are the temperature at the start of the show is going to be real different than the temperature at the end of it. Your best way to look good and still be comfortable in this scenario is to elevate your look with layers.

Start with a cooler look like a denim-on-denim or track set but bring a bomber or puffer jacket to layer on top. As the temperature gets colder, your look will just keep getting better and better.

Indoor Stadium Concerts

As the weather gets colder, a lot of artists will make the choice to touchdown at indoor venues. That means you need a look that can pull double duty, balancing a warmer concert inside with colder temperatures.

Elevated Band Merch

Most musicians have their own set of merch, and if there’s ever a time to wear it, it’s at their concert. But just because your repping your favorite group or artist’s stuff doesn’t mean you can’t make the look your own. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Turn a band t-shirt into a crop top by cutting off the bottom
  • Throw a light jacket over the band shirt
  • Wear a pair of graphic pants with a band shirt
  • Wear a skirt with the shirt
  • Go harder on the accessories you wear with the shirt
  • Get artist buttons and decorate a denim jacket with it

Pro-Tip: Color Coordination

If you want to rep your favorite artist without just wearing their t-shirt, you can rep colors associated with the artist. If you’re seeing a band, wear the same colors as their logo. If you’re seeing a solo act, rock the colors of their latest album.

Crop Tops and Jeans

Even if you’re seeing a concert in late October, all those bodies in a closed space will make the venue feel like summer or hotter. Ladies, that means you can show off a little skin without hating yourself for it. Pair your crop top with a pair of jeans, and you’ll be ready to throw on a jacket and take on the cold when you walk outside again.

You can also remix this look by wearing a long-sleeve crop top with a pair of shorts. Our collection of women’s streetwear shorts have everything you need to complete your look.

Indoor Gigs

An indoor gig is different than a concert in a stadium. This is usually a local artist in a smaller venue like a bar or small theater. But a smaller venue doesn’t mean you should sleep on your style.

Killer Kicks

At a huge stadium where everyone’s cutting up, there’s always a chance someone can step on your shoes. So, you might be hesitant to wear your best pair of sneakers. But if you’re going to be sitting at the bar or a table, this is the time to pull out the best pair of kicks in your collection.

Ladies, since you’re not going to be on your feet for the whole show, this is the chance to focus more on form than function for your shoes, too. Pull out the platforms or your favorite heels.


Since you’re going to be inside, you can lay off the layers a little. But if you still want to keep it warm, a hoodie gives you a base you can spin off into a hundred different looks. Keep it lowkey with a pair of track pants or elevate it with some bling. And if the bar’s cold, you can layer a denim jacket on top of it.

Outfit Ideas To Wear To a Concert in the Fall

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