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Tips for Elevating a Look by Layering Your Clothes

Tips for Elevating a Look by Layering Your Clothes

How do you maximize your wardrobe, keep warm, and create fire new looks? One word: layers. Our guide will show you how to use layers to elevate your look.

Most of us live our lives based on the mantra, “more is better.” We want more money, more bling, and more good times. But when it comes to getting more drip, you don’t always have to get more clothes. All it takes is a little of your own style prowess and some layering. Skeptical? Check our tips for elevating a look by layering your clothes.

Why Layer?

We know. When we tell you to try layering, we lowkey sound like your mom telling you to bundle up before you go outside to play. But we aren’t talking about your mama’s layers. We’re talking about layers that elevate your look, which will do several things for you.

Maximize Your Wardrobe

Let’s say you have a bomb graphic t-shirt and jeans set. You can stay satisfied with one fire ‘fit. Or you can remix that look a hundred different ways. You can throw a bomber jacket over it one day and a denim vest the next time you wear it. Then, you could put on both the time after that. All of a sudden, your outfits will be making outfits, and you’ll triple your wardrobe without dropping a fortune.

Create Unique Looks

If you’re someone who cares about your style, you know it’s not just about having lots of outfits. It’s about creating one-of-a-kind, head-turning looks that stand out in people’s Instagram feeds. Layering is an easy way to take a look and make it your own. Anyone can wear a t-shirt and jeans, but only you can think to wear them with a specific hoodie and some unique accessories.

Stay Comfortable When the Seasons Change

All right, we have to give this one to mom—when it gets cold out, layers are lifesavers. And we don’t just mean they keep you warm. One of the worst parts of the weather getting cold is the fact that we have to bury our best looks under a mountain of frumpy coats. Layers help your style bring the heat even when the temperature drops.

Elevate Your Look: Tips for Layering Your Clothes

Layering Based on Thickness

When it comes to layering, people tend to layer based on how thick the clothes are. The layers are the thinnest right next to the skin and get thicker as they go out. This isn’t one of those bougie “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rules, though. Practically, it’s just hard to get a thin shirt over a thick jacket. But you can use that idea to decide which clothes you want to layer with what.

Layering Based on Color and Prints

Layering is the styling technique where your boldest, freshest colors and prints come to play. There are as many ways to combine them as there are colors and prints. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Go monochrome: Use all your layers to highlight a single color.
  • Check the color wheel: Try highlighting all warm colors or all cool colors. Or choose colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel, such as yellow and purple.
  • Ebony and ivory: Mix neutrals like black and white for a look that works together in harmony.
  • Spotlight a print: Combine your loudest print with more low-key colors to really highlight it.
  • Tip the scales: Try mixing two different prints with different scales. For example, wear wide stripes with small polka dots.

Layering Based on Texture

When we think of texture with clothes, we usually just think about how comfortable they are. But an outfit’s texture affects its look too. Think about a black leather jacket and a black denim jacket. Both are boss, but they look different. When you’re layering, don’t feel like you have to stick with one texture. Mix that cotton t-shirt with that sleek biker jacket. You’ll elevate your look all the more.

Layering Your Accessories

On days when your accessories are focal points of your outfit, the best way to bring the look home is to add a little layering action. If jewelry is the mood of the day, try messing with the length and thicknesses of the pieces you’re layering. Our pharaoh chain necklace set from our jewelry vault is the poster child of this. Or kick it back to the early 2000s and rock a bandana under a snapback or bucket hat.

Layered Outfit Ideas That Are Straight Fire

Genre Crossover

We put clothes into categories without thinking about it. Tracksuits go with athletic loungewear shirts, for example. The men’s streetwear puffer jackets you wear when you’re cruising around town might seem out of place with these pieces. But they can still work together. Layering is the perfect chance to introduce fashion pieces that wouldn’t normally meet. Try these combinations:

  • A tracksuit under a puffer jacket
  • A fur coat over jeans and a t-shirt
  • A denim jacket over a dress
  • A leather jacket over a pleated skirt

Protip: Don’t Forget Your Kicks

Your pair of shoes isn’t technically a layer, but you already know that it makes half the outfit. And the right pair can help you mix up your clothing genre even more. Ladies, wear your best heels with your t-shirt and suit or a pair of sneakers with a dress. Men, switch it up and pull out the timberland boots with your tracksuit.

Mixing Lengths

The more distinct your layers are from each other, the more they’ll attract attention. Instead of just looking at the color and texture, try looking at the physical shape for some real game-changing looks. Here are some examples:

  • A crop top under a denim jacket
  • A short bomber jacket over a long windbreaker
  • A long puffer jacket over a shorter denim jacket.

Inside Out

As we said, it’s easier to put the shorter, thinner layers close to the skin. But playing it safe isn’t how you craft a show-stopping ‘fit. You want to turn heads? Break out of expectations with these ideas:

  • A short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve shirt
  • An oversized shirt over a windbreaker
  • A dress over a t-shirt or crop top
  • A crop top over a t-shirt

Layering doesn’t exist just to keep you warm in the winter anymore. It’s your tool for maximizing your wardrobe and elevating your look. And when you need to add a few more layers to your arsenal, you know Rockstar Original will come in clutch with every layer of your next baller look.

Tips for Elevating a Look by Layering Your Clothes