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Men's Streetwear Trends for 2023: What's New, What's Staying

Men's Streetwear Trends for 2023: What's New, What's Staying

Stacked denim, leather and faux leather, and split-seam jeans are just a few styles you'll see on the streetwear fashion aesthetic for 2023.

Who doesn’t want to look drippy all 2023 long? At Rockstar Original, our new arrivals page helps you distinguish between what is especially trendy right this moment. This post will explore some streetwear fashion trends that will keep you looking and feeling your best in 2023. 

Current Streetwear Trends

When you’re looking to extend your wardrobe, identity and favored fashion aesthetics, you will see that many fashion staples have been carried over from 2022. This just means that you’re already on top of the fashion game and ready to wear streetwear fashion trends in 2023 too. 

Leather/Faux Leather

Sir Leatherette Puffer Jacket is the perfect transitional piece to carry you over from fall to winter and into spring. A part of our Men's Black Label Collection, this coat is made of premium materials that will last for a long time. Not only does it look good, but it’s functional too, as it’s water repellent. 

Stacked Denim 

The stacked denim style has been around for years, but we are seeing a surge in its popularity. The stacking effect is extra long jeans that "bunch" below the knee and is fitted in the thigh area. For 2023, we are seeing stacked denim with a slight flare, also a carryover from 2021 and 2022 streetwear trends.

Two-Tone and Block-Color Fashion

The two-tone fashion concept made its debut around 2021-22, and it's carrying over into more pieces. Look for two-tone clothing in RSO's Men's and Women's collections this year. Here it is in one of our customers' favorites: the Straud Tie Dye Hoodie

Split-Seam Jeans

Racing or racer-stripe jeans are definitely in men's streetwear trends for 2023 too. This denim has a stripe on the outer or inner seams of the denim (or both), whether camo or a solid color. An exposed seam like in the Eugene Blue Straight Fit Jeans is another way to accent this streetwear fashion trend. 

Cargo Jeans

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: You're not dressing like your dad did 20 years ago. We got you. The 2023 cargo pant trend incorporates the two-tone fashion we’ve been talking about with today's street wear trends. Check it: Our Slump Multi Cargo Jean features both olive and brown in a tough streetwear look. 

Gender-Defying Fashion

Let’s face it, you can wear whatever you want, no matter how you identify. This year that notion is being put to the test with streetwear fashion trends. Whether pearls or faux fur, men are trying something new by incorporating these accessories into their streetwear outfits. For years, the hip-hop scene has dressed like this, but now you’ll see more than just celebrities decking themselves out in these fits. 

What Streetwear Fashion Trends Are Carrying Over From 2022?

While we have talked about street fashion trends for 2023, there are a few more we expect to continue from 2021 and 2022. The paint splatter graphics are bigger than ever. If you’re a print guy, you’ll be happy to know the bandana patchwork style is trending in 2023. And of course, the classic yet functional puffer jacket will continue to be in style, thanks to the vibrant colors and warm materials. 

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