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Trending: Faux Fur, Feathers and Fringe Fashion For Women

Trending: Faux Fur, Feathers and Fringe Fashion For Women

When it comes to 2023, it’s all about faux fur, faux feathers, and fringe-filled fashion all year long. See how Boss Babes are styling these looks.

When it comes to 2023, it’s all about faux fur, faux feathers, and fringe-filled fashion all year long. These embellishments allow you to elevate every outfit no matter where you’re going: to the club, to work, to date night, or simply a girl’s night out. Allow Rockstar Original to help you get your faux fur fashion, feather fashion, and fringe fashion game up.

Guys: Click here if you're looking for Men's 2023 streetwear fashion trends.  

Feather Outfits, Making a Comeback

Face it, feathers scream "look at me" and "let’s celebrate." For fashionistas, this should fit their personalities just fine. Much like other trends that are an ode to the past, the feathers trend mixes this vintage embellishment with hot streetwear styles to create entirely modern looks for 2023. While feathers were once associated only with glam, now they can easily be paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers. 

Our Clermont Twins x Rockstar Original cotton hoodie features faux feathery detailing on the arms for a subtle feather fashion look. Want something a little more flashy? Try our Jules Royal Blue Feather Detail Long Sleeve Blouse with blingy sequins and faux feather cuffs. Regardless of where you stand and if you feel comfortable wearing feathers, there are countless ways to wear them with different fashion aesthetics. 

Faux Fur Fashion Making a Statement

Faux fur fabric embraces the glam-meets-streetwear life. It’s an ethical alternative to wearing fur and still allows you to make a fashion statement. Many may be scared to wear faux fur, but consider the color and style of the piece to fit your natural style. You can even make the faux fur piece the center of your outfit if you’re looking to stand out.

Rockstar Original presents some fabulous faux fur coats like The Clermont Twins Wild Child Multi Fur Jacket or The Clermont Twins Daraki Cream Fur Jacket to add to your capsule wardrobe. 

Fringe Fashion, Still Trending

Fringe started making a comeback a few years ago, but, Girl, it’s back and better and bolder than ever. Don’t forget it! Some of our favorite celebrities, including Rihanna have all been spotted wearing fringe. She even donned it on the January 2023 Harper’s Bazaar cover. Even Kim Kardashian West has worn leggings with fringe on the sides. 

Fringe brings the whimsical fashion feels to life. Yes, we have all worn a lot of loungewear in the last few years, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to wear something new and fun. Fringe pieces give you the opportunity to experiment with trendy pieces paired with your favorite wardrobe staples too. Rockstar Original combines faux leather and fringe with the Zoey Fringe Leather Skirt in black. This mini skirt is perfect for boss babes that want to look their best and trendy at the same time. This is a staple piece for a capsule wardrobe. It can be paired with booties, heels, or even cowboy boots. 

Shop For Faux Fur, Fringe And Feather Fashion Wardrobe Pieces

When you’re looking for the latest women’s fashion trends in 2023, our new arrival page has it all. Our goal is to keep our customers looking and feeling their best in high-quality fashion pieces. Whether faux fur fashion, feather fashion, or fringe fashion, you can trust and believe we always got you. To shop for women’s clothing today, visit our website at For ideas on how to style these pieces, visit our blog for inspiration.