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Bachelorette Inspired Wardrobe: What to Wear on Reality Dating Shows (Men)

Bachelorette Inspired Wardrobe: What to Wear on Reality Dating Shows (Men)

Ready for your moment on the big screen? Here’s what to pack for your stint on The Bachelorette and how to make sure you look great on, and off, camera!

Date night is a big deal in general – but date night that’s televised? This is a whole other level that you want to be prepared for the right way! The Bachelorette is a highly popular show that viewers religiously tune in to watch. The premise is one single woman dates 30 to 40 men and week after week, she whittles the pack down to her faves. It’s supposed to end in an engagement, but mostly it ends in a lot of tears. 

Aside from the drama that tends to unfold, viewers are also extremely observant of the type of clothing contestants choose to wear. So how can you go about choosing the right styles that you can be admired for while also looking amazing on camera?

Tips for Men to Dress Well on Camera

Picking styles that you feel most comfortable in is important. However, if there is one thing more important than comfort, it’s lighting. The wrong colors can be a disaster on camera, no matter how fire you think your fit is – opt to avoid these on camera:

  • Hot colors: red, fuchsia, magenta, orange, yellow, purple and green – the camera sensor will not be able to compensate for the “bleeding effect” that these hot colors create. 
  • Extreme colors: White and black are the most extreme colors of the spectrum. White is the absence of color, black is the sum of all colors and the camera cannot differentiate your clothing to these colors and the balancing of exposures will become difficult as a result. 
  • Patterns: Stripes, polka dots, plaid and anything else that is aliasing and moiré pattern.
  • Heavy fabrics: We hope this is a no-brainer. Lighting will produce excessive heat – so do yourself a favor and keep your outfits light-weight and comfortable.
  • Graphics: Unless you’re on a reality t.v. show, stay away from graphic tees – no matter how trendy and aesthetic you think they are, the camera will absolutely disagree. (You rarely see graphic tees on The Bachelor and related shows, or they’re blurred out, likely because of copyright infringements.)
  • Reflective items: Avoid extremely shiny, reflective or glaring jewelry and accessories.

Colors and Accessories to Wear on Camera

If you opt for calming and natural colors with minimal features on jewelry and accessories, your on-screen appearance will be nothing short of amazing. Remember to keep these tips in mind for what to wear on camera:

  • Cool tones: Blues will always be a great color to wear on camera – the camera picks it up very well and so does the audience.
  • Muted colors: Muted tones that compliment your skin will also translate on camera very nicely and give you a minimalist aesthetic that’s always in style.
  • Pastel colors: Pastel colors are the happy medium between hot colors and bland colors – you can never go wrong with soft pastels!
  • Glare-proof items: Glasses and jewelry alike should be muted and glare-proof to avoid any noise or distractions on television.  

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of dressing for on-camera filming, let’s move on to what you’re filming for! The Bachelorette is famous for black-tie attire for cocktail parties and “rose ceremonies,”, but this show is also notorious for stealing away participants for amazing date adventures! Black-tie attire is pretty cut and dry, but if you are one of the lucky participants who is being wined and dined on an extravagant experience, here’s the outfit info you need to know!

Bachelorette Inspired Outfits for Daytime Dates

Daytime dates will pretty much always call for some type of casual, yet stylish attire. You’ll want an outfit that will last all day long without compromising any designer details. Opt for denim on denim sets, jeans and graphic tees or short sets so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is saying the best things!

Evening Date Night Outfits for the Bachelorette 

Evening dates will be much more sophisticated – even if the date will be at an elegant or casual dining restaurant – you’ll want to opt for refined style to make a great impression! For fine-dining places, think dress pants, button down shirts, dress shoes and fresh haircuts. For casual dining, you can mix and match button-up tees with denim jeans and sneakers. Layers are also a great addition to casual looks – puffer jackets, hoodies, denim jackets and windbreakers.

Your wardrobe is a huge statement, but the biggest statement that will set the tone is your attitude and energy. How you wear your clothes is the most important aspect of date night for the Bachelorette! So you worry about your award-winning personality and we’ll cover your statement style!