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Those Crop Bubble Coats Are Cute ... How Do You Wear Them?

Those Crop Bubble Coats Are Cute ... How Do You Wear Them?

Cropped jackets are cute, but how do you style them? Stay warm and look cute in these crop and super-crop puffers and vests.

Puffer jackets are among our most popular cool-weather items, and this year we've dropped some cute new takes to the classic puffer coat – street style. We've added cropped puffers, super-cropped puffer coats, and puffer vests! Need ideas for how to wear them? We've got you covered! 

Why People Love a Good Puffer Jacket

While the puffer jacket was first invented in Australia over 100 years ago (see this article from ABC News), it has since taken over the fashion world. It's been called many things, including the amusing "sleeping bag jacket," because of the quilted stitches that make the stuffed fabric puff like a sleeping bag. Whatever you call it – puffer coat, bubble coat, puffy jacket – its appearance is powerful, especially for those who like basics but with a fashionable spin.

For those who want even more spin on the traditional puffer, look for metallic, shiny fabrics and super cropped variations with street wear graphics. Designers also include fun (yet practical) features like detachable fur hoods and zipper pockets.

Ultimately, fashion isn’t always about one piece, but how an entire outfit is brought together to exude someone’s style. 

Cropped Jackets or Shrugs?

Shrugs were big in the late '90s and early aughts. These super cropped cardigans and pullovers covered the shoulders and arms, but stopped at or above the breasts, though some dipped below. Women wore them over tanks, tubes and workout bras.

Yes, the shrug is back and our super cropped bubble coats with a mock neckline are an ode to them. Just like a puffer jacket, the shrug is a great transitional piece between seasons. And like the women who wore shrugs in previous generations, today's cropped puffer shrugs look great with tanks, tube tops and workout bras! 

Another great way to stay warm without too much bulk is with a puffer vest. Rockstar Original sells a variety of lengths, colors, and styles, including reversible ones that make this versatile style piece a must-have in your wardrobe. 

Styling a Cropped Puffer Jacket Outfit

Whether oversized or cropped, a short puffer jacket can be flattering on many body types. This urban casual with hip-hop-influenced piece helps you stay warm while looking drippy. 

Accessorize your look

The cropped jacket or cropped winter coat begs to be accessorized. Think yellow-gold jewelry, a belly chain or even layered necklaces. Pair a neutral color puffer jacket with bright accessories like a neon bag or a fun scarf.  

Go monochrome

Perhaps the most chic aesthetic features a monochromatic look. Opt for an all-white or all-black outfit with your favorite accessories. The cropped puffer looks dope with a pair of black biker shorts and over-the-knee black boots. 

Romanticize your crop jacket outfit

Give your mini puffer jacket a more romantic vibe by pairing it with a midi skirt and knee or thigh-high boots. The puffer coats trend is even crossing over into ultra-feminine looks like a flowy skirt with ankle booties or over a bodycon dress.   

Puffer vest cool and comfy looks

Pair a puffer vest with a fitted hoodie, allowing the hood to lay over the collar. The puffer vest keeps you warm, but is less bulky. It’s a great compromise and will look both practical and trendy at the same time. For a more daring look (and for warmer temperatures), try an RSO tube top. Show up and show off those arms and your confidence! 

Dress it up

Just because it’s time to take out the puffer jacket doesn’t mean that you have to give up wearing your favorite mini skirt or dress. Style the look with your favorite boots and choose a super cropped jacket to highlight more of your favorite fit. 

Shop For Mini Puffer Jackets at Rockstar Original

Let’s face it, the idea of wearing a bulky puffer jacket might seem more practical than fashionable. Wrong! When you learn to style a short puffer jacket outfit perfectly, you’ll embrace this practical and stylish wardrobe staple once and for all. Shop Rockstar Original's unique collection of cropped and super cropped bubble coats and outerwear.

Shop our large collection of bubble coats and puffer jackets at Rockstar Original. They are a must-have accessory for both men and women!