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Best Types of Cute Women’s Tops You Need to Know About

Best Types of Cute Women’s Tops You Need to Know About

Here’s everything you need to know about cute tops for her! What to wear, when to wear and how to wear based on your body type!

Ladies, if you’re ready to level up your look effortlessly, you need to know it all starts with the tops you wear! Bottoms are important to keep in mind, but it’s important to note that bottoms will heavily depend on the tops you choose – so here’s how to choose wisely!

Types of Cute Tops for Women

Knowing which tops are trending for the different seasons is a great start. These styles will change with the weather, but some timeless staple piece tops for women will typically be one of the following:

  • Cropped tops: stylish, trendy and all sorts of comfy
  • Cut-out pattern tops: the perfect balance of luxe fashion and everyday wear
  • Knitwear tops: versatile for going out or staying in
  • Ribbed tops: slim and stretchy
  • Corset tops: fitting and flattering
  • Oversized boyfriend tops: a step up from casualwear to couture casual

Where to Buy Super Cute Women's Tops

Buying the cutest tops online for women is easy when you know what you’re looking for. Be realistic when asking yourself if you’re more into casual clothing or luxe clothing. If you’re still in need of some inspo on types of tops for women, here are few to keep in mind:

  • Going-out tops for women: going-out tops can range from oversized tees, tank tops,  cropped tops, bandeau tops, one-shoulder tops, halter tank tops, sweaters, button-ups and more. These tops can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts, biker shorts, etc., and paired with various types of booties, heels or sandals depending on the type of place or event you are going out to.
  • Women’s work-out tops: work-out tops are going to be very light-weight, breathable and functional – so the best types of tops for women to exercise in will be knit tanks, cropped top tanks, long-sleeve cropped tops and relaxed, loose-fitting t-shirts for optimal versatility.
  • Women’s casual tops: casual tops will, again, depend on your aesthetic – relaxed, minimalistic, glam, boho, etc. Relaxed aesthetics will lean towards cotton tees and tanks, minimalistic tops will consist of muted toned tanks, t-shirts and sweaters, and glam will be fitted spaghetti strap tank tops, strapless corset tops, bodysuits, etc. 
  • Loungewear tops for her: Whether you’re looking for the perfect loungewear pajama set for women or cozy knitwear for daily use, loungewear tops for her will consist of the softest cotton builds in either long-sleeve, short-sleeve, hoodie or tank top designs.

Knowing the types of tops and tees for women is only half of the equation – the other half is knowing which style fits you well physically and mentally. 

Best Tops for Women Based on Body Type

  • Apple body shape: empire tops, A-line tops and similar designs to emphasize the shoulders and collarbones will flatter this body type.
  • Hourglass body shape: Highlighting the waistline will flatter hourglass bodies most – stick to fitted tops, fine knits and accentuated silhouettes.
  • Pear body shape: Styles that bring attention to the waistline by sitting just above the hips and parallel with the shoulders will complement pear body shapes. Keep away from boxy silhouettes that will hide your natural curves.  
  • Rectangle body shape: Adding dimensions to a rectangle body shape will emphasize your curves in a gorgeous way. Opt for body-contouring tops with scoop necklines and fitted sleeves.
  • Inverted triangle body shape: Think halter tops, V-necks and asymmetrical necklines to break up the upside-down, triangular shape of the shoulders. Loose-fitting long sleeves will also balance out the upper body beautifully. 

There are different body types to consider, so identifying your body type will help you narrow down the best choices when shopping for cute tops for women. ‘Beauty is pain’ is a little outdated, right ladies? ‘Look good, feel better’ is the new motto!