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Mens Street Style Lookbook: 7 Ways To Dress Streetwear

Mens Street Style Lookbook: 7 Ways To Dress Streetwear

7 ways to dress streetwear for men, including links for where to find the clothes so you can create your own street style.

Sometimes showing is simpler than telling. Here we’ve collected some of our favorite urban streetwear looks for men featuring the latest trends in mens clothing — puffer jackets, stacked flare denim pants and color-blocked ‘fits. Under each photo, we describe why the look works and how you can shop the styles.   

Trucker Hat + Puffer Coat + Stacked Black Jeans  

Why this look works: There is a lot going on in this ‘fit, but when you put it all together with the right attitude, it works. Note the seamless way the pink spray-paint graffiti crosses both the jacket and the T-shirt and ties this casual street wear look together. The black denim stacked jeans with rhinestone logos were hand made in our L.A. studios.

Shop the look: Men’s stacked jeans in black. Men’s puffer jackets. Men’s graffiti print tees. Trucker hats.

Bandana-Accented Coordinated Separates

Why this look works: Bandana patchwork accents are on trend for 2022 and 2023. The black men’s hoodie with RSO logos and bandana patchworks perfectly complement the stacked men’s flared-hem jeans without being too matchy-matchy.

Shop the look: Men’s bandana jeans. Men’s hoodies with bandana graphics.

Layered Tees + Stacked Flares + Streetwear Graphics 

Why this look works: Let’s start with the layered tees. White-on-white short sleeve over long sleeve T-shirts create a layered looks like the shirts were meant to be worn together. Imagine the combinations you could create by layering long sleeve tees under coordinated short-sleeved shirts. The look gets even more dope with these flare blue jeans from Rockstar Original. Our signature denim gets a whole new treatment with a split-seam and fringe accents. Finish the look with a matching trucker cap. 

Shop the look: Men’s stacked flare jeans with split seams. Men's’ tees. Men’s long-sleeve tees. 

Yellow Tee + Grey Cargo Pants

Why this look works: From top to bottom, it’s easy to see why this look works. Grey knit hat, mustard yellow long-sleeve crewneck, grey cargo pants and mustard yellow kicks. Alternating complementary colors like yellow and gray creates a put-together look.

Shop the look: Long sleeve men’s crewnecks. Men’s urban cargo jeans.

Color Blocking Hoodie + Jeans 

Why this look works: Color blocking in fashion is using bold blocks of color — even with muted tones like the ones here (white, black, camel and blue jean) — and putting them together to make one statement outfit. This look works because the RSO graphics unite the color blocks into a single outfit. 

Shop the look: Men’s split dye clothing.

Black Puffer + White Tee + Distressed Denim

Why this look works: Sometimes simple streetwear outfits leave a bigger impression than looks that boast bold color blocks and graphics. Take this look: The plain white T-shirt and solid black puffer jacket take a step back to let the distressed denim take front stage. This dope look will work with skinny patchwork ripped jeans or stacked flares. 

Shop the look: Men’s white T-shirts. Men’s ripped jeans with patches. Black puffer coats for men.

Shiny Red Puffer + Stacked Black Jeans

Why this look works: The shiny puffer in red with black trim looks complete when paired with a pair of black stacked denim jeans and combat-style boots. For a different take on this look, remove the detachable hood and layer a black hoodie beneath. You’re good to go. 

Shop the look: Shiny puffer coats for men. Men’s black stacked flare jeans.

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