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How to Look Expensive: Dress Like a Millionaire

How to Look Expensive: Dress Like a Millionaire

You don’t have to have or spend tons of bank to know how to look expensive on a budget. "Expensive looks" are all about the small details that make a huge difference in elevating your look and owning the day ... or night.

You’ve probably heard “the clothes make the man.” True, but you don’t have to have or spend tons of money to know how to look expensive on a budget. Paying attention to what you are wearing and how you are wearing it is the key to creating your individual million-dollar style.

"Expensive looks" are all about the small details that make a huge difference in elevating your look and owning the day, or night.

Let’s take a look at the power of looking great and feeling confident in your own skin. 

How to Dress Rich-Casual (It's All About the Fit)

You don’t have to have a personal tailor to have great fitting threads. You do, however, need to know your body type, shape, and ideal size. This is the first step in finding clothes that fit you properly to create your GQ image. If you want to look like a million bucks, and know how to look rich, then opt for urban-style clothes that perfectly fit your body.

Stay away from overly loose, baggy, or overly tight fitting clothing. They simply won’t flatter your style in any way. For that supreme urban style, stacked jeans are a must for clothing that looks expensive (but costs well under $100). Unlike certain jeans that are just downright baggy, stacked jeans are cut to fit your body exactly right while giving the illusion of a loose-fitting or baggy appearance in a controlled manner.   

It's important to remember that length matters, too. Stacked jeans look deliberate; they don't drag the ground and the folds stack nicely at and above your shoes. Pants that are too long drag the ground and look messy. If your pants are way too long and dragging the ground, find a tailor. Most dry cleaning shops have or know tailors, who hem pants for cheap.  

Key to Expensive Looking Threads (Keep 'Em Clean)

A basic must-do for looking like a self-made man is keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free – the right way. Even though a tracksuit or hoodie, for example, is meant to look relaxed and comfortable, it must be crisp and clean to look big bank.

In a previous post, we offered tips on how to clean your clothes so they last forever and look like new. You might be surprised to know that your washer and dryer are shortening the life and crispness of your clothes. 

This one small but really big detail is priceless for both track and tailored. This includes everything from basic white pullover T-shirts, denim jeans, and especially designer streetwear. Everything item in your closet counts. Even your footwear should look brand new.

People who spend a lot of money on their wardrobe know how to take care of their clothes, and they know that dry cleaning and hand/delicate washing extends the life of their clothes. To look designer on a budget – wash with care, dry with air and smooth out wrinkles with a fast-moving iron or steamer.   

How to Dress Classy (On a Budget): Go Back in Black

Basic black is a classy and elegant way to dress on a budget. Black is a timeless, tried and true color that is professional, clean, and easy to wear. Sporting head-to-toe black on black is a win for any occasion, and simply said, instantly pulls your opulent look together. No matter if you pair it with other bold colors or keep it monochromatic with black on black, this style will always be key to make you look lavish af.

A black shirt, black denim jeans, and black blazer is a staple look when keeping your style extravagant. The secret is to find black fabrics that vary in sheen, shade, and texture. This will create an allure of mystery and elevate your overall vibe.

Craving a pop of color? Go ahead and throw down some sneakers or a bomber in your favorite color. The bottom line on basic black is always in style, perfect for any season or reason. Get back in black for your very own six-figure swag without the big price tag.

How to Look Luxurious (Accessorize A Little)

Less is more when it comes to accessorizing like a rich dude. Instead of wearing multiple chains, earrings, and layered bracelets at the same time, tone it down and opt for one fresh chain.

Wealthy gents commonly wear a statement watch such as a Rolex, and that's it! This one statement piece speaks volumes about his confident style. If it's sunny, he pulls out his designer shades, which is just fine. A Rolex or expensive sunglasses would be nice, but not necessary to rock a complete upper-side look. Fancy timepieces aren't for everyone, so rock the same look with a gold bracelet. Check out Rockstar Original's collection of Men's urban streetwear jewelry.

There are plenty of less expensive accessory brands that provide the exact vibe. Urban streetwear fashion fans already understand the power of beautiful bling.  The key here is to find a balance, spread the love among outfits, and always accessorize with tender loving care. You'll look priceless.

The Rockstar Original team is all about making luxury designer fashions accessible to everyone, and we know what you need to look sophisticated, look expensive and upgrade your style without breaking the bank, just like an urban millionaire.