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The Origins of Haute Couture: What is It & How to Wear Luxury Streetwear

The Origins of Haute Couture: What is It & How to Wear Luxury Streetwear

Ever wonder where your high-fashion street style originated from? We’re breaking down the origin of haute couture and how it has influenced your big baller looks today!

Clothing style can be traced back to the one and only Charles Frederick Worth in the mid-1800’s. Originally an expert in fabrics and a background in dressmaking, Worth approached a Parisian luxury fabric company in pursuit of producing and designing his own garments for his elitist and royal clientele. The surge amongst society’s finest for Worth’s coveted couture is where fashion marketing  began. Fast forward to the 21st century, we can now see where the lines between haute couture and urban streetwear fashion have blended together. 

The Fashion Mixture of Culture & Authenticity

Today’s modern streetwear styles exhibit many elements of haute couture. Though we have also already unveiled how streetwear has influenced high-fashion in a previous post, we can now identify where the lines have been blurred and where the two meet. Haute couture is similar to streetwear fashion in many ways – primarily in the way that streetwear fashion is made. The quality of urban streetwear style is supreme and the runner up to the way in which it is made is how it is presented. This is why streetwear fashion has become a pillar in the industry – it showcases a genuine mixture of culture, authenticity and undeniable quality.

Haute couture and streetwear fashion co-exist because of their ability to blend together. For example, a basic hoodie pairs tastefully with a haute couture jacket or peacoat. We can see many instances of streetwear dressed up with assorted luxury fashion staple pieces – whether it be a jacket, tops or bottoms, or an accessory such as sunglasses, bags and jewelry. 

Top couture houses keep a watchful eye on social trends and technological advancements while simultaneously abiding by the rules to remain a renowned fashion house – yet even the top houses cannot deny the pillar that is streetwear style. It is important to note, however, that the primary difference between haute couture and streetwear fashion is the manufacturing and distribution. Where haute couture is extremely exclusive and with controlled supply, streetwear fashion is substantially produced on a larger scale. Streetwear isn’t so mainstream that its price tag is laughable, though. In fact, the way in which high-end streetwear preserves the elements of haute couture’s exclusivity is by selling their styles for top dollar. You can learn more about why designer clothes can be so expensive here.     

Haute Streetwear Style: 3 Key Elements

Wearing haute couture began as a symbol to showcase class and stature, but today it is a badge of individuality and creativity. So how can you rock the blended product of haute couture and streetwear styles? This mixture has become known as haute streetwear or luxury streetwear – and here are 3 key characteristics to consider when opting to showcase the style.

  1. Quality

You don’t always have to break the bank to secure the bag. We here at Rockstar Original believe in high-quality, designer styles for less. Opt for styles such as ours that are thoughtfully curated with durable fabrics and other decorative materials.

  1. Individuality

Imaginative taste and creative individuality is what style is all about – and this is exactly what distinguishes fashion as exclusive. RSO pieces are custom made and truly unique in fabrication.  

  1. Exclusivity

Limited merchandise is another characteristic to look out for when buying luxury streetwear. Many styles will be limited edition or exclusive drop products in a collection disclosed only to a private group of members. Despite the price tag being significantly less than that of haute couture, the level of rarity remains the same.


Haute couture has paved the way for what fashion looks like today. RSO has taken all of the best elements from Parisian fashion and combined them with the notion that style truly is for all. Get your streetwear designer looks now by Rockstar Original and don’t forget to tag us on IG for a chance to feature your look!