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Why Are Designer Clothes So Damn Expensive? (And Why They Don't Have to Be)

Why Are Designer Clothes So Damn Expensive? (And Why They Don't Have to Be)

Finding affordable designer clothes doesn’t have to be hard. Learn what to look for, so you spend money on items that will last, look good, and fit well.

Designer clothing are garments made by high-end luxury fashion brands. It could have one or more of these traits:

  • Designed by a well-known designer or established brand
  • Limited in production
  • High quality (more on that below)
  • High price tags (lots more on that below)
  • Not mass-produced or widely available

Finding affordable designer clothes doesn’t have to be hard. Learning what to look for in clothing will help ensure that you spend your money on items that will last, look good, and fit well too. We can all agree that we don’t want to break the bank just to look good. Allow us to help you find designer clothing for less. 

What Influences The Price of Designer Clothing?

Many things influence why designer clothes are so expensive, including: 


Unlike some factories, designer brands rarely use synthetic fibers. Most designer clothing is made of organic and natural fibers like wool, linen, cotton, or silk. They may also use genuine animal leather. This ensures comfortability. Some designers may also use gold or diamonds in their design, which can lead to a higher price tag too. 

Cost of Labor

Because high-end brands don’t mass produce, there are labor fees associated with their clothing. A high-quality output results, which leads to the consumer paying more. There is a long list of people working on clothes, including designers, seamstresses, etc., which means the price must rise to pay them properly. 


Because part of the appeal of a luxury brand is that not everyone can wear these clothes, quantity affects the price. The lower the quantity of items produced, the more it costs to produce them, which is another factor in luxury clothing. 

Supply & Demand 

Exclusivity is a major reason why people buy designer clothing. These brands offer unique and exclusive designs that not everyone can afford. Combine that with the high-quality materials and the number of people working on the pieces, and that yields a high price. 


Where the clothing is manufactured can directly impact the cost too. The important duty fees and shipping costs affect the final purchase price too. 

Cost of Branding & Advertising

Both branding and advertising are major facets of any successful business. In order for the world to know how unique and luxurious products are, advertising campaigns are used to push the products. These costs are definitely added to the price of the clothing. 


Haute couture is a dressmaking process that hand-stitches an entire garment. Because of the time associated with making such a custom-made item, the price goes up significantly. The quality of the piece is uncompromised, but you’ll expect to definitely pay accordingly. 

Are Designer Clothes Worth It?

That's what you really want to know, isn't it? Are designer clothes better quality? Does a high price tag mean it's better? There is a principle in the minimalism movement that says to opt for quality over quantity. Quality does come at a price; however, high price does NOT guarantee quality. 

When you’re looking for well-made clothing with the right fit and style, you don’t have to pay designer clothing prices to get it. There are many ways you can determine if a garment is high-quality. Here are some major things to look for when shopping for affordable designer clothing. 


Look for materials that feel good to wear. Run the fabric between your fingers to feel how smooth it feels. Hold it up to a light to see how durable it is. 

How It’s Made

How a clothing piece is constructed will speak of its quality. Examine the seams to see if they’re straight with even and close stitches. Take time to tug and pull on the clothing slightly to see if it holds up against the resistance. This will show you if the clothing is constructed well. For patterned clothing, ensure that it matches up at the seams evenly.  

Where to Buy High-Quality Clothes on a Budget

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