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Guide to Streetwear Hats: Trucker, Beanie, Snapback and Buckets

Guide to Streetwear Hats: Trucker, Beanie, Snapback and Buckets

Our guide to the most popular hats for the urban streetwear aesthetic: trucker hats, beanie hats, snapbacks and bucket hats.

Hats off to your ever evolving street style. A rad hat is off the charts, not to mention takes care of a really bad hair day. All jokes aside, a hat worn the right way can rock your look, but a hat worn the wrong way? That can make you look like you just rolled out of bed. Here’s a look at urban streetwear hat styles, and how to wear them like a true rock star.

Streetwear Snapbacks

A snapback hat is similar to a baseball cap but is a bit more upscale. A baseball cap uses Velcro in the back and a snapback uses a snap — hence the name — allowing you an easier way to adjust the fit. A snapping snapback also features a round crown with a button on the top and an iconic flat, short brim. This creates a more forward-styled, less uniform-esque look. 

Snapbacks date all the way back to the 1850s! No, way! Yes way! Baseball phenoms, The Brooklyn Excelsiors introduced this style way back then and hit the look out of the park. Moving on to the ’90s, celebrities and hip-hop artists rocked this snappy look for about 10 years and it faded away until recent years. Today, the snap-hat is everywhere and on everyone. It is an urban street-style hip-hop must-have for a well-dressed man.

Snapback style tips

There is really no right or wrong way to stand out in a snapback. This head turner goes hand in hand with a hip hop streetwear vibe. Go for a dark color that looks sleek and sexy. Or opt for classic cool and wear it with the brim facing the front. Feeling edgy? Wear the brim in the back. Keep the cap high on your head with a downward slant to get it right. One fashion don’t to keep in mind, however, is to steer clear of wearing the brim to the side. This is outdated and extremely cringe!

Trucker Cap

A trucker cap or trucker hat is also similar to a baseball cap. It is commonly referred to as a mesh cap, a netback cap that traditionally was used as a promotional item in the ag world. It is notable for the plastic mesh baking and broader brim on the front. Truck drivers made this relative of the ball cap famous. Since then, celebs like Miley Cyrus printed quotes on the front to stir up controversy among fans and foes, which launched a whole new generation of trucker hat lovers. Skaters were also seen styling a trucker hat practicing their skills. Today, a trucker cap is a hip-hop street style hat staple and can include graphics or no graphics. It’s totally up to you and what your personal brand is.

What’s the difference between a trucker cap and a snapback? Trucker caps with snaps in the back can also fall into the snapback category, but snapbacks can only crossover into trucker territory if they’ve got a mesh back half. Got it? 

Trucker cap style tips 

Trucker hats are a great way to show the world your fav sports team, hip hop artist or other graphic brand with unique fronts and centers. Keep it real and wear it front facing or level up and wear the brim backwards. Keep that cap high on your head with a downward slant. 

Beanie Hats

The beanie hat gets its name from a slang word for head…bean! No beans about it, this hat rocks the streetwear scene with ease. A streetwear beanie is a brimless cap, usually knitted or woven that tightly fits on your head. They are also nicknamed dinky caps, calots, skullies and ski hats.  

What started out 500 years ago as a hat worn by sailors, fisherman, soldiers, and outdoorsmen to keep their heads warm has transformed into a fashion icon for men with street smarts. More and more men have multiple-colored beanies in their wardrobes to nail the look their way, everyday. You've got this!

Beanie hat style tip

Beanies are one of the most versatile street style hats with many options to choose from. Go with your gut and style it your way. The standard beanie is folded once, creating a cuff that covers half of your ears. Catch a cool vibe with the fisherman beanie, the dopest look. Simply roll or cuff the hat twice and wear it on the top of your head so your ears are exposed. The high top peak beanie is worn high on your head and above your ears to create a point. We also love the slouch beanie. It’s uncuffed, worn over the ears and bunched up as far back on your head as you can get it. 

Bucket Hat

The iconic bucket hat was originally designed to protect working men from sun and rain. It dates back to the early twentieth century in Ireland of all places. Top of the morning to ya! It’s claim to fame is a brim that folds upward to catch the rain, like a bucket. Everyone from fishermen to soldiers depended on a bucket hat for protection. This functional must-have in the history books has evolved into a major staple for street style. LL Cool J. touting Adidas brand, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and other A-listers are instrumental in rebooting this gem into the rad look of the streets. No ifs, ands or buckets about it, the bucket hat is a go-to accessory and is here to stay.

Bucket hat style tip 

Pop on a bucket hat and own it. No rain in the forecast? No worries. This is the perfect all-weather hat for today's ever so popular relaxed vibe, yet offers an elevated design. Wear a pair of classic shades with a bucket hat to produce a hot, yet cool and mysterious allure. A bucket hat is the perfect alternative to a ball cap.