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Picture Day Outfits: Inspo for Boys and Girls

Picture Day Outfits: Inspo for Boys and Girls

What should your kids wear for picture day at school? For the hip-hop, urban streetwear loving family, we have 6 outfit ideas for boys and girls.

What you don't want, is 20 or 30 years from now, your son or daughter posting a photo on social media and asking the world, "Why did my parents let me leave the house looking like this?" 

Enter Awkward Family Photos, the school edition. Yes, you want your kids to look cute as possible, but think ahead: Will they cringe when they look back? On the other hand, who cares? Cute is cute, and who's to say big hair, bright colors, and awkward smiles can't be adorable AF?

Do's and Don'ts For Elementary School Picture Day

What to do to prepare for picture day

  • Do check with the school to see if they've got any dress codes. We know that's not what you wanted to hear, but in today's politically charged climate, schools are cracking down on graphic tees and logo attire. 
  • Do let your child have a say in what he or she wears! Ask them what they'd like to wear and remember that this is about them, not you!
  • Get a haircut at least two weeks prior to the picture day. Why? That way their hair has a chance to look more natural, rather than that just-cut look. 
  • Encourage your child to be themselves and not to focus on imperfect. In fact, share with them some of your least favorite pictures from school (we all have them), so they'll see how imperfections can be OK. 

What not to do on picture day

  • Don't try to force your child to wear something they're not comfortable in. Compromise is key. 
  • Don't worry about perfection. The best photos have goofy smiles, missing teeth, and messed-up hair. 
  • Don't settle for photos you and your child don't like. If the pictures don't come out the way you'd hoped, ask for a retake! Many schools offer retake days (which you might have to pay for, but it might be worth it!). 
  • Some photographers suggest staying away from bright or neon colors, which can detract from your child's face, especially on a dark background. Opt for rich and dark colors. 

We've also seen advice that recommends not to wear clothing with logos, words or graphics. What?! Pfffttttt ... we beg to differ. Here are some adorable looks that will capture your urban streetwear-forward kiddos. 

Picture Day Outfit Inspo For Elementary School Kids

For the streetwear-loving kiddo, try a pair of distressed moto biker denim jeans, collared polo-style shirt and, to complete look, have him throw a denim jacket on. The polo shirt is a classic, and our version of it is an updated, upscaled hip-hop-slash-rocker vibe. 

For the sport-loving kid, a matching or coordinated tracksuit set shows off his athletic style! Plus, the look will carry him through the start of the school year. Bonus: Our stacked track pants for boys give them room to grow during their elementary school years!   

For the little rebel with a cause, how about pairing a sharp new graphic tee with Rockstar Original designs with a pair of stacked jeans for kids? We know the pros say no graphics, and your child's school might agree, but if it's allowed, here is a winning look for boys:

Head to toe in one color. In this look below, our elementary schooler is head to toe in white, and we completed the look with a heavy hip-hop rocker-style chain. Look for matching and coordinated T-shirts and track pants for boys and girls.  

For your coolest young rockstar, check out the motocross style biker jeans with a Rockstar logo graphic tee. It’s crisp, fresh and cool. And, if the school allows alternate poses, take a couple with sunglasses and a trucker-style cap!

For the elementary school boy or girl who loves to rock the urban, skater or baggy clothes aesthetic, consider a tie-dye or graphic tee shirt with cargo-style jeans and a beanie hats. You might get push-back from the kids’ schools for the bright colors and graphics, so have a backup plan just in case. 

Share Your Picture Day Outfits on Insta

Don’t forget to share your kids’ looks on Instagram and tag us – we might just share your photos on the Rockstar Original Instagram feed!